There is a new year before us and a new page to be turned

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Rachel Harper

Rachel Harper

Rachel Harper, Columnist

Well, Christmas has come and gone and we had a very nice one here at our house with all of our family here to just enjoy the love and good times.

I really hate to take everything down and pack it up, but it must be done, I suppose.

That will be my job among many others this coming week.  In thinking of the New Year 2014 that will be here on Wednesday, I thought I would look up some of Grandma’s writings that didn’t make it in the first book and I came across this article she wrote on January 7, 1916 which I think says it very well:  “The Christmas holidays have come and gone and most of us are back on our jobs again.  There is a new year before us and a new page to be turned; headed, no doubt, with good resolutions.  May we keep this page neater, cleaner and “fuller” of good records than any we have ever had before.”

That is indeed something to strive for, for all of us!  Happy New Year! We want to offer up our sympathy to Brenda (Mrs. Bob) Rice here in the Bethany community as her father, Slim Williamson, of Arcade. passed away on Christmas night.

Mr. Williamson had quite a life story.  He had a dirt poor childhood but had worked and pulled himself up to the point where he owned his own record label in Nashville. He started out as a musician and a disc jockey and then later created and owned Peach, Chart, Yonah, and Scorpion record labels.  He had worked with and rubbed shoulders with a lot of the country music stars that we have all heard of.  It is indeed quite a life story.  I would have loved to attend his home-going service, but I was unable to.  I have learned that when someone has lived their life and his was a very full life, there is a great story to tell and for you to hear.  Our thoughts and prayers are with Brenda and all of her family at this time.

We all need to remember Fay Walters as she is experiencing some health problems at this time and also Adele Newell as she had to be admitted to the hospital over this last weekend.  Our get-well thoughts and prayers are with both of these ladies.

We also need to remember Carol Williams over in the Pennington community as she has pulled a muscle in the back of her leg and is having to stay off of it and not put any weight on it in order for it to heal.   We are all praying for a speedy recovery for her.

We want to wish Christine Tamplin a very Happy Birthday as she celebrated her 90th birthday on Christmas Eve.  Her family surprised her with a party at Harris Furniture Company where all of her friends and family could drop in to offer their congratulations!

David Shytle and L.A. Hensley also serenaded her with some special music and a special birthday greeting as part of the celebration.  Happy Birthday, Mrs. Tamplin, and many, many more!  We are glad to hear that Chunk (Marvin) Newsome is able to be up and about again after having had a rough time of it recently.

He had a hip replacement surgery then developed a blood clot where he had to be hospitalized again.  We do hope he is on the road to recovery this time!  Our thoughts and prayers are with him that he will continue to recover.  Sally and Dan Porter traveled up to Russellville, Tenn., to spend Christmas with their son, Jim, Kathy, and children.

They all had a wonderful Christmas lunch with Kathy’s parents, who live close by to them.  On Thursday, Dan, Sally, Kathy, and the children all enjoyed going into Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge for sightseeing and shopping.

We also want to wish Sally and Dan Happy Anniversary as they celebrated 40 years of married life on December 29th! We also want to wish Gerald and Andrea Cathey a very happy first anniversary as they also celebrated theirs on December 29th.

They celebrated by taking a weekend trip to Callaway Gardens where they enjoyed seeing all the beautiful Christmas lights, the gardens, and of course they worked in some golf!  Happy Anniversary!

The John Richard Wilson families all enjoyed celebrating Christmas at the lovely home of Matt and Leigh Wilson on Christmas Day.  Bob Bennett entertained his children, Leigh, Rob, Dee, and Lynn along with their families at his home on Christmas Eve for a wonderful lunch and Christmas get-together.

Jack and Karen Lindsey enjoyed getting away for a long weekend after Christmas by traveling up to Cherokee, and then on to Gatlinburg.  They report having very cold weather and even some ice up in the mountains.  They even have pictures of a big herd of elk just grazing in a clearing just out of Cherokee.

Those elk are really multiplying and seem very tame!  Frances Brewer enjoyed having Larry Brewer and Becky and George Haley visit with her during Christmas week down at The Lake Oconee House. Jake Harris of Fort Worth, Texas arrived last Friday to spend some of his Christmas vacation with his grandparents, Tommy and Raynor Cathey.

He will return to his home on Jan. 4th.  All of the children and families of the late Thomas and Ivelyn Crew had their annual Christmas get-together at the home of April Bone on Christmas Day at noon.  Jason, Rebekah, and Grayson Kilpatrick along with Jonathan, Jenna, and Cooper Philippi all went home to Chuck and Janice Philippi’s for their Christmas celebration.

Aaron, Stephanie, Peyton, Meri, and Elise Kenny from Acworth along with Brent, Stacy, and Layna Loudermelk from North Carolina spent this last weekend with Steve and Sarah Nell Craig and they had their family Christmas this past Saturday.

John and Sally Hensley had their children, the Chad Rolings, and the Ryan Morgan’s for a Christmas lunch on Sunday at their home.  Raymond and Joan Gilbert had a Christmas gathering at their home on Saturday with their children, Ray, Don, and Deann Cook and all of their families.

Emily and Bobby Brewer along with their son, Gary, and his daughter Christa and little Ana Page also joined them.  Some of the family was unable to attend due to work obligations.  A wonderful Christmas feast, fellowship, and sharing fond memories was enjoyed by all.

The Wade Christmas get-together was held at the home of Sally and Tony Stephens on Christmas Day with a wonderful Christmas dinner at noon.  Shannon Thornton’s parents, Sally and Bob Thornton, from Social Circle also joined them.  Josh Stephens from Atlanta was also down to spend some days with his parents and sister, Alicia.

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