BOC plans county-wide clean-up day

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By Nick Nunn staff writer

The Morgan County Board of Commissioners (BOC) discussed the possibility of enacting a county-wide cleanup day for a date to be determined in the spring for the purpose of removing litter from Morgan County’s roadsides. Morgan County Manager Michael Lamar proposed the idea to the BOC, noting that, despite the county’s current effort to keep the roadsides clean, there is still litter to be found on and near county roads.

Lamar recommended attempting to get church, community, and possibly school groups together sometime in the spring in order to create a “mass attempt for people to take a little ownership” of the state of cleanliness near Morgan County roads.

“Any time you are talking about cleanup, it’s not a waste of time,” said Commissioner Andrew Ainslie in support of the project. Commissioner Ron Milton echoed Ainslie’s comment, saying, “I think it would be favorable to the community.”

Lamar suggested holding the event on a Saturday in early April, before grass on the roadside begins to grow. The BOC indicated that Lamar should pursue the execution of this plan further. Being the first meeting of 2014, the BOC voted to name a new Chair and Vice-Chair, electing Ainslie as the BOC Chair and Milton as the BOC Vice-Chair for 2014.

The BOC approved a quote by Carrier Complete Systems in the amount of $14,120 for the installation of an air conditioning system in the Morgan County Recreation Department gym.

Lamar stated that the Hope Baptist Church, which currently leases a portion of the gym, will reimburse the county for the cost of the system once complete, as part of the church’s lease agreement with the county.

Commissioner Philip Clack asked Lamar if the county had informed the church about the cost of the system, and Lamar stated that they had.

Lamar also noted that the air conditioning system to be installed will not be a replacement system, as there has not previously been an air conditioning unit in the building. The BOC voted to deny rezoning properties at 1200 Perryman Road, 1220 Perryman Road, and 1240 Perryman Road from Agricultural to Agricultural Residential.

Angie Sanders and Steve Harrington, who own property nearby, were in attendance at the meeting and voiced their opposition to the proposed rezoning of the properties, citing concern that rezoning the plots could lead to future subdivision of the land that could be detrimental to their property.

Milton, in whose district the properties lie, made the motion to deny all three requests, and the motion to deny passed unanimously in all three cases.

During the meeting, the BOC also approved: an application for the package sale of alcoholic beverages at the BP Country Store located at 3571 Sandy Creek Road, Madison. a motion to appoint Dr. Dan Zant as the County Physician. a motion to approve the December 2013 financials and payables, including the General Fund in the amount of $536,425.96 and SPLOST in the amount of $532,334.34 a motion to approve the November 2013 staff reports. a text amendment to modify regulations for digital signs to the Morgan County Zoning Ordinance.

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