Georgia Beyond to debut at MMCC art gallery on Jan. 17

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By Leila Dycus intern

January will be a month of transition for the Madison-Morgan Cultural Center with the end of the Masterworks on the Move gallery and the opening of the Georgia and Beyond show.

“Everybody kind of has different favorites but people do comment a lot on the front entry,” said Madison-Morgan Cultural Center (MMCC) employee Deanna Lamar.

The Masterworks on Display has been viewable since September 6 and will run until January 5. On January 17 a new gallery will take over the spotlight. Georgia and Beyond will run from January 17 through April 13.

“The piece in the front, I think that it’s very eye-catching the woman is beautiful and it’s so elegant,” said Lamar. “So that certainly gets a lot of comments.”

As visitors of the Masterworks on Display walk into the center they are greeted by a large oil painting of a woman. They are then led upstairs to view three galleries of 2D artwork. The galleries are filled with images of people, landscapes, and still life’s.

“The show is a pretty show the artwork is beautiful it’s very traditional,” said Lamar. The Masterworks show is called a traveling exhibition of American paintings from Wesleyan College. Wesleyan shared the display of 35 paintings with the Madison-Morgan Cultural Center.

According to the shows description, Masterworks on Display is a snapshot of 19th and 20th century American Art. Lamar went on to say that people have really enjoyed the paints of the boats. The description of the gallery says that the paintings offer a window into the styles and techniques taught at some of the most prestigious studios of New York City and Europe.

“It’s been a good recognition even for their university,” said MMCC front desk attendant Dena Good. Good went on to say that the opening of the Masterworks on Display show brought about 200 people to the center.

She said that the college sent many people to the opening. Since the opening the display has seen at least 30 people a month. There is still time to catch the Masterworks on Display show; the MMCC will be open from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. Tuesday through Friday.

The masterworks show ends Friday January 5. Georgia and Beyond is set to open on January 17. “It’s folk art which is self taught art, and the large portion of it will be artists from Georgia and there are a few pieces from artist outside of Georgia but from the Southeast,” said Lamar.

The Georgia and Beyond show will host an opening reception on January 17 from 6 to 8 p.m. At 7 there will be a gallery talk by Susan Crawley, the exhibits curator.

The opening is free and open to the public. Georgia and Beyond is described as southern self-taught art of the past and present. Crawley, who curated this show, is the former curator of folk art at the High Museum.

“She’s definitely a scholar on folk art her gallery talk at 7p.m. will be very interesting and will be able to tell the public a lot more about folk art,” said Lamar.

According to the description of the Georgia and Beyond show the exhibit explores the wide variety of materials these artists have used to fashion potent testimonies about their lives, beliefs and the world around them.

Visitors can expect to see not only 2D artwork but also sculptures and 3D work. The Georgia and Beyond show is not the only exciting event that the MMCC has coming up.

In February AFLAT, A Funky Little Art Thing, comes to the center. AFLAT is a show filled with pieces by Morgan County students. The show will start on Thursday Feb 13 with an opening reception. The work will be able to be viewed on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

“That’s really fun because its just so neat to be able to see art from all four schools in Morgan County in one place and its so fun to see the kids work,” said Lamar. According to Lamar last year 700 people attended the show. AFLAT is truly a family event.

The student show has become a tradition at MMCC. The Madison-Morgan Cultural center is busy this time of year, transitioning between shows and preparing for AFLAT. It’s a great time to stop into the center and view the galleries.

“They’re really different exhibits and I think it’s an interesting opportunity to see very different styles of work and both are very interesting,” said Lamar.

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