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T. Adrienne Terrell

T. Adrienne Terrell

By T. Adrienne Terrell, Columnist

Greetings from The Springs and Happy New Year to you all! The Springs transitioned from 2013 to 2014 with our annual Watch Night Service. It was combination praise, worship, prayer and Bible Study all wrapped up into one fabulous service.

Pastor Robert Terrell stated that 2013 was a challenge for many people, but as we enter into 2014, our theme will be, “I Trust You Lord!” Our lesson/sermon for Watch Night came from St. Mark 5: 21-43. In these passages, we see several references of the crowd.

Many people had gathered to Jesus after He had gone to the other side. Now those in the crowds represent the other people or those not sanctified. This year, God will show the other people (non-believers) many things and He will use us (believers) as examples.

Knowing this, no matter what it looks like, we must hold on to what we know. In verse 22, we see Jairus, who was a ruler of the Jews, fall at the feet of Jesus. This says a lot. Based on what this man had heard, he knew what Jesus could do. Of course the naysayers were around too.

Pastor Terrell stated that there will always be naysayers around saying that we can’t do certain things, but God will show you otherwise. At the end of this chapter, Jesus does indeed heal Jairus’ daughter. Even when the naysayer came to dethrone God, He showed Himself strong. Not only did Jesus heal the young girl, but He also healed the woman that had the issue of blood for 12 years.

She was certainly a woman of means since the Bible states that she spent all that she had going to several physicians which could not help her. She touched Jesus and was healed. Another connection that these healings have in common is the number 12. The woman had the issue of blood for 12 years and the young girl was 12 years old when Jesus healed her.

The number 12 signifies God’s divine order. Twelve hours rule the day and twelve hours rule the night. Also after each 12 months, there is another change to the next year. Not only is 12 divine order but it is also divine change. Although 2013 may have been a struggle, Rev. Terrell said that we will see divine change this year. We must trust God, no matter what it may look like!

After hearing this powerful message, the rest of the evening was turned over to the testimony part of the service. Collectively, a few minutes prior to the start of 2014, we all ushered in the New Year down on our knees praying to God. What a glorious feeling! On the first Sunday of the year, we had six candidates for baptisms and one baby dedication to start things off.

Young Master Brison Jermaine Benford was dedicated back to the Lord during the first part of our morning service. His parents are Beason Franklin and Shalawn Benford. His paternal grandparents are Tracy and Lenita Franklin and his maternal grandparents are Jimmy Rivers and Lisa Benford. Prayerfully, The Springs family will have an integral part in nurturing this young lad.

You didn’t have to look hard to spot J. D. Hubbard at church on Sunday. I say that because he is so tall and strapping. He is home on break from Chattahoochee Tech in Marietta. When I talked to him, he said that he plans to transfer to Kennesaw State College in the fall as he pursues a degree in business. Darius Hubbard, son of Richard and Joanne Hubbard, was in attendance visiting from Kansas City, Missouri.

He is an assistant manager at one of the Foot Locker locations there and is doing well. I had to grab a few minutes of his time between all of the hugs and handshakes he was receiving. He won’t be here long since he told me that he is headed out on Wednesday. Breanna Harper, the daughter of Michelle Harper, excitedly told me that she plans to attend Georgia Perimeter College at their Newton County location soon. If all goes well, we will have another nurse at The Springs!

Willie Ann Johnson is back at home! About a week before Christmas, she visited her daughter, Lisa, in Atlanta and they all spent Christmas Day with her. She had a radiant smile on her face as I talked with her about her trip and of course, she was wearing another one of those beautiful crocheted scarves that she makes. Sunday’s sermon really didn’t have a title but it tied into our theme for the year, “I Will Trust You Lord.” The text for the morning came from Ephesians 3:9-20 and the question is, “How do I know my purpose without a shadow of a doubt?”

Looking at verse nine, the answer is to fall in love with Jesus and be in fellowship with Him. When you do this, He will reveal things to you. We have to remember that nothing is hidden from God. Most of the time we don’t line up with our purpose in the Kingdom until we get saved. Until that point is reached, we were dealing with the dark principalities or demons.We were carrying out their will. When we get saved, then we work with the principalities of the light or of God.

Pastor Terrell went on to say that we have to let go of the dark powers and put our hands in the hands of the Man that stilled the waters. You need to choose who you will serve. Even if you try to press on while still holding on to the dark powers, it still will not work. In other words, we need to change partners, so just let go and let God. You need to come to the Lord and surrender all.

This falls under the faith category and these are the three T’s needed. The first is to surrender your talents. God has given you gifts to use in the Kingdom. Next, you need to surrender your time. If you come to church some of the time, then you will get some blessings. If you come to church all of the time, then you set yourself up to receive all of what God has for you. Finally, you should already know what is next. Tithe. That’s correct.

You are just giving back to God that which he has allowed you to have. God says it is a tradeoff. If you can surrender some stuff to the Lord then He can surrender some of His stuff to you.  Pastor Terrell said if you want to try to defeat the enemy on your own, then go ahead.

You can take the Word of God and accept it or you can keep boxing with the devil. But if you can surrender to Him, He will strengthen you with the might of His will. To help you get to the next level, you will need a mixture of things. God’s faith, Holy Spirit and love. This is more than enough. When you surrender, all three of these will reach into every area of your life.

No matter how wide the problem is or how high you reach or how low you sink, God can reach it! His love says He is right there. No matter how long you have been dealing with a situation, He can reach it and fix it. The Lord will take love, faith and the Holy Spirit and stir it up.

The more He stirs, the better you get. God is building you and shaping your character to make you into the person that He desires you to be. Try this. Start the year off down on your knees and say I trust you Lord! Glory Be To God!

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