Our Faithfulness to God and His Faithfulness to us

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Margie Ward

Margie Ward

By Margie Ward, Columnist

Our church family was shocked and saddened on Thursday afternoon when hearing of the sudden death of Frank Bohannon of Rutledge. Our Christian sympathy goes out to his family during this time. We know they will look to God for courage, hope, love and strength for the days, weeks and months to come.

On the first Sunday of the New Year attendance was good; missed our regular members that were out for various reasons, visitors were present. Always glad to have them come we are blessed by their present. Special music, “Be still and know that He is God,” by James Butler with Caitlin at the piano.

Our church has a new theme every year. The theme for 2014 is, “Cultivating Faithfulness.” Bro. Ron’s message “Our faithfulness to God and God’s Faithfulness to us.” Psalm, 37, Lam.3, I Thess 5: 16-24 and others.

We need to feed on our faithfulness to God by being faithful in attendance and giving to the cause of Christ, be faithful to His word and daily prayer life, put our hands to the plow and not look back sowing the seed for God, recognize God’s faithfulness to us. God is faithful and true to His word. We need to recognize.

He is faithful to keep His covenant faithful to call us to salvation, service and fellowship through Jesus with God, faithful to deliver us in our times of difficulties, faithful to do what He says He will do, He is a miracle working God, faithful to intervene, and forgive, we can forgive because He forgave us, He performs faithful acts every day for us, it is an act of mercy of God when we wake up everyday.

Jesus said; He came to do the will of His father, He wants to work in and through us. Margie Ward visited Mary Jo Collins a the Mews in Social Circle during the Christmas holidays. Ann Harrison spent Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with Kenny and Yvonne Harper and family.

Sunday, Dec. 29 Chris Reed accompanied Janice Cronic and Ann Harrison to see Shirley Sidwell in Atlanta. Ann Harrison spent Friday night and Saturday with Janice Cronic recently. Monday before New Year’s Ann Harrison visited Brenda and Jerry Studdard in Social Circle.

Jerry is doing a lot better after having surgery. Wednesday, New Year’s Day we had our regular family gathering here at my house. This is a tradition we’ve had for years. Those attending were Doyle and Laynette Wood, Alice Cheatham, Tanya, Jonathan Jr. and Andrew Wood of Athens, Doris Nelms, and Donald Cheatham of Watkinsville, Mark and Joy Nelms of Farmington, Ronnie, Vesta Ann and Laurene Hopkins of Griffin, Laurie, Sophia and Kai Weaver of Macon, Beth, Carson Ann, Sadie and Crew Courtney of Buford, Jennifer Wood and Jason Lynn of Bethlehem, Alicea, Brendan and Mattie Jones of Bogart, Sonny, Mary, Rebekah, Rachel and Zach Wood, Julie and Billy Phillips and Margie Ward. After lunch we opened gifts then we drew names for this next Christmas. Kathy Hensley enjoyed New Year’s Day lunch with Ann Harrison, Carrie Knight visited them in the afternoon.

Conner Harper spent Friday night and Saturday with Ann Harrison. Sunday afternoon many friends and family attended the visitation of Frank Bohannon at A. E. Carter Funeral Home. At 3 p.m. on Sunday the Chapel of A. E. Carter Funeral Home was filled with family and friends attending the funeral of Frank Bohannon, burial was in Brownwood Baptist Church Cemetery. Rev. Ron Swann was the officiating minister. After the cemetery service Brownwood Baptist hosted a meal for the Bohannon family and friends. We ask you to keep this family in your prayers. Have a blessed week!

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