“Cold as Donie” is a family saying. . what’s a Donie?

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Rachel Harper

Rachel Harper

By Rachel Harper, Columnist

What a difference a week makes!  Last week at this time it was “cold as donie” as Grandma used to say.  You know, we have never, never learned where that expression came from, but we all still say it in our family to this day.  I don’t care what you called it, it was down-right, terrible cold!!

Thank goodness, we didn’t have any pipes to burst here at the house or at the diary barn, although they had to really work with the watering troughs to bust up the ice and keep the water flowing for these wonderful girls around here; bless their hearts!!

You have got to have water to keep the milk flowing!  Thank goodness, the electricity didn’t go off either.  I was reminded of the great ice storm and snow we had back in 1993, maybe, (I have got to check on that) when our electricity was off for a full 3 days.

That was awful.  They had a generator they could hook up at the barn, so Bruce brought buckets of water for us to have here in the house and we have a wood burning Fisher stove, so I cooked on it.


We brought out the kerosene lanterns and candles for light at night.  Electricity is one of the greatest inventions of all time and I still think we get a pretty good deal with it, all things considering!

We knew the REA people were working hard as they could to get things going again, but by the time it was getting close to going on the 4th day, we were beginning to worry.  We could see the trucks in the vicinity, so we just knew that power would be restored shortly.

The menfolks would see a young guy in a REA pickup truck riding up and down the road with a piece of paper in his hand looking this way and that at the power lines, so we thought the end was in sight, but no; still no electricity.

Bruce told me, “I know where this pole and that pole connects, so I am going to go walk the lines and see if I can find out where the line is down at; surely I can find something.”  After a while, he came back and he said, “I have found it; it is over in the woods behind Travis Mealor’s house on Bethany Road; a tree has fallen on the line.

I don’t know why they haven’t fixed it.”   I said, “Well, you know what, I am going to call up REA and make sure they know where it is! ”  I got the girl on the line and I told her what my husband had done and what he had found.  I said, “Do you want me to tell you where it is?”  She said, “Yes ma’am, you can.”

So I told her exactly where it was.  Do you know that in just a few minutes, several REA trucks converged at Travis Mealor’s and in no time we had electricity!!  Now, I know they were working as hard as they could, but we all said to one another, “That young man wasn’t going to find anything riding and staying warm in his truck, he needed to get out, put his coat and work shoes on and maybe get a little muddy and dirty and just WALK the lines and maybe, just maybe we would have had electricity a lot sooner!!

They have since fixed it where they have ran the lines up out of the woods and hopefully things are easier to get fixed now.

But, we will all never forget that!  There are several people that need our prayers this morning;  Rev. Darrell Van Horn, the pastor at Trinity Baptist Church is at Piedmont hospital after having some heart attack symptoms.

He is scheduled to have open heart surgery on Tuesday morning.    Leigh Wilson had  surgery this morning at Piedmont for some liver issues;  She came through the surgery well and will be waiting on test results there.

Alvin White is at Athens Regional after suffering a heart attack on Sunday and Cheryl Eaton is still in serious condition and has had to have additional surgeries   Please continue to remember Gil Busenitz in your prayers also.

We do hope that all of these will be a lot better by the time you read this.  God is able!  There is wonderful news from Allie Nash.  She continues to make great progress!

She is talking more, feeding herself, writing some on her iPad, and she is developing her own sign language to be able to communicate better with her family.  Praise the Lord from whom all blessings flow!  We extend our sympathy to Marc and Laurie Fortson and to Karen and Stewart Thigpen upon the passing of their grandmother, Mrs. Margaret Forston this past week.

She was 93 years old and had been in declining health for some time.  They along with Marty and Connie Wilson attended her funeral service in Elberton on this past Wednesday.

I along with Linda Pittman, Barbara Mason, and Mary Jim Henson Haley all enjoyed a wonderful lunch and visiting together on this past Saturday when we met for lunch at Amici’s at Lake Oconee.

We learned that Barbara  does beautiful crochet work with yarn and also with the smaller thread that you do centerpieces with.  She is a wonder!!  We had a wonderful time; it really did my heart good!  Afterward, Linda and Mary Jim went on the visit Linda’s mother, Laverne Brown, who lives at the Lake Oconee Assisted Living House.

Some late Christmas news is that John and Sally Hensley had all their children and grandchildren at their home on Christmas Eve for their family Christmas; the Ryan Morgan’s from Rutledge, the Chad Roling’s from Swords, and Matt and Hannah Hensley from Macon.

China Colley from New Jersey came down later that week to spend the holidays with her family and everyone but Matt and Hannah were able to get together again.  On the Sunday before Christmas, all the Hensley family attended the baby dedication for little GeorgiaAnn Morgan, daughter of Ryan and Rebecca, which was held at Centenniel Baptist Church.

Sally said she was like a little doll dressed in her winter white dress with a ittle gold sweater and little gold ballet slippers.

Janice and Chuck Philippi had dinner with Steve and Sarah Nell Craig this past Saturday evening at their home.  She had told her sister she wanted some good country cooking and I am sure she got some!  Janice had her first chemo treatment on last Monday and had a rough couple of days, but is feeling OK now.  She will receive another in 3 weeks.

Please continue to pray for her. All of the John Richard Wilson family had a family get-together down at Bonner’s restaurant on this past Sunday to celebrate Emelyn’s, John Richard’s, and Leigh’s January birthdays.  John Richard and Emelyn both celebrated turning 80 years old of which they are thankful!

Happy Birthday to them and to Leigh.  Our prayers are with Leigh as she recuperates from her surgery.  Our Raegan started off her 1st gymnastics meet of the year on this past Friday with the Atlanta Crown Invitational gymnastics meet at the Gwinnett Center.  There were some 1700 gymnasts performing in competition.

Raegan received 3rd place overall in the Junior A division.  This is her first year in Optionals.  We are so proud of her!!  Tommy and Raynor Cathey spent a long weekend in Savannah and then drove on down to St. Augustine.  I believe they were able to meet up with our cousin Jane McGinnis who lives there.

The Bethany Women’s Fellowship group will have their monthly meeting tonight in the fellowship hall.  Yesterday, the Sunday School children sang for the congregation, “This is the Day that the Lord hath Made.”  They did a wonderful job!

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