Great Blessing Ahead for Centennial Baptist!

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Rev. Donnie Compton

Rev. Donnie Compton

By Rev. Donnie Compton, Columnist

The New Year has brought great joy to the people of Centennial Baptist Church. This past weekend was spent getting to know our Senior Pastoral Candidate, Dr. Michael Stovall.

Our pastor search team, who has been praying and seeking God for 11 months, brought him to Centennial to preach in view of a call. God worked through the weekend as church leadership had dinner on Friday with him and his wonderful wife Tricia.

It was an awesome time of fellowship! On Saturday afternoon they were welcomed at a reception from 3:00-5:00pm for the entire church family to meet and greet them and their four children Liana, Landon, Liam and Leighton.

Sunday morning came with much excitement. God was moving in mighty ways as we saw large numbers of folks in Sunday school and 515 people attending morning worship to hear Dr. Stovall preach. His message title was, “ON OUR KNEES: A Call to Prayer.”

It was an awesome message from Psalm 27:1-14. God moved in a mighty way. At the end of the service the Stovall’s left the sanctuary and we had a Called Church Conference (business meeting). Church members voted by secret ballot.

After the ballots we tallied, our chairman of the deacons, Bobby West, announced the results. Dr. Stovall was called as our new Senior Pastor with a 100 percent yes vote.

That is the first time in the history of Centennial Church that a 100 percent vote has happened. The congregation erupted with celebration as the Stovall family came into the church to accept our call to become Senior Pastor.

After a long year of being with out a Senior Pastor we were all overwhelmed with joy. We look forward to Dr. Stovall starting his ministry here on February 9th. What a Mighty God we serve! He is also an “On Time God!” God is moving and working out here on the edge of Morgan County.

I invite you to visit. For more information, please visit our website at:, or contact us by calling 706-557-2120. We are located in Rutledge at the corner of Brownwood & Centennial Roads. Our address is Centennial Baptist Church, 5321 Brownwood Road, Rutledge, GA, 30663. Lord Bless you.

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