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Nick Nunn, Nunnsense

Nick Nunn, Nunnsense

By Nick Nunn, Columnist

This morning, tired and not ready for the Tuesday that I was about to face, I opened my email to see a seemingly-desperate email entitled “Don’t do it!”

“Do what?” I asked myself.

Was it something that I had already done, or something that someone knows that I’m about to do?

After running through several possibilities in my mind, I realized that it would be a lot simpler to solve this particular puzzle if I simply clicked on the email first. (Remember, this was in the pre-historic dawn of the morning before I managed to pass any gloriously black coffee into my nervous system, so I’d appreciate a little understanding.)

Anyway, it turns out that the email was a simple reminder that my Ducks Unlimited account is about to expire, which isn’t surprising; they’ve been threatening to cut me off for the past six months or so.

And why am I a member of Ducks Unlimited? I don’t hunt. I don’t like being outside in the morning. I’m not even that fond of the world’s most famous duck aficionados.

Or being bombarded by their opinions. It all goes back to when I covered an event that the local chapter of Ducks Unlimited held well over a year ago.

The event was great, and I met several interesting people during the dinner and silent auction, but nothing really sparked a great interest in the great outdoors for me.

Nevertheless, when they passed around free applications for a year’s membership to Ducks Unlimited, I filled it out without really thinking.

Every couple of months, they would send me a magazine, none of which I ever cracked open, or tickets to enter a free raffle, which I didn’t enter.

Nope, in fact, the only thought I had of Ducks Unlimited during the year that I was a member was simply: when are they going to stop sending me stuff?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure it is a great organization. Their environmental initiatives appear to be quite admirable.

I’m just not interested in duck hunting.

But as soon as I got that final notice… I thought twice about allowing my membership to completely lapse.

Now, I’m not going to renew, because it wouldn’t be worth it to me, even if I would get a free duck decoy.

The simple thought of giving up something that I have, even if it isn’t that great, was more than my instincts could take for that second that it took me to come back to my senses.

Isn’t that how it always goes, though? Sometimes we hold onto things long after they should be released, just because we are used to having them around.

I guess it goes back to our roots as hunters and gatherers, when each and every possession could mean the difference between life and death, but, being developed, we spread that instinct to memories, lifestyles, and, yes, even subscriptions.

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