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T. Adrienne Terrell

T. Adrienne Terrell

By T. Adrienne Terrell

Greetings from The Springs! Well, how did you survive the “Deep Freeze”? It has been all the talk whether you watched TV and was nauseated by the relentless news coverage on the cold or talked on the phone with family and friends.

From frozen pipes to busted water lines, needless to say, it has been an interesting couple of weeks. Even USBC had pipe to burst which was evident when we arrived for Prayer and Testimony on Wednesday night, but it didn’t stop service.

Yet, how great it is to know that God is in control of everything. Nothing has happened that He did not allow. We have to always trust in God without wavering, and He will see us through it all.

I have another question for you. How do you know that you are living a blessed life? It’s when you are able to celebrate your 96th birthday! Well, that is what Elder Willie Oliver recently did.

He is the father of Mother Willie Ann Johnson of Rutledge. She told me that most of his children, son-in-laws and grandchildren were present to surprise him on his special day. Even the ones that had to work made an extra effort to call him to wish him Happy Birthday.

The Lord has satisfied him with a long life! In keeping with Pastor Terrell’s message for 2014, his sermon on Sunday addressed God’s divine change for those walking and also those not walking with the Lord. In either case, a divine change can happen.

To show how God can make a change for those doing his will, we only have to look at Paul and Silas. In Acts 16: 25-26, they had been imprisoned for doing the will of God. They were doing what the Lord asked them to do, and then the enemy came.

However, at midnight (remember 12represents divine change) the Lord caused the earthquake to occur which shook the foundations of the prison. Then they were freed suddenly.

There are times in our lives when the enemy will come as we are doing the work of God. However, in the midst of it, God will shake the foundations. In other words, He will change some things.

So what about those who aren’t walking in God’s will? Can God change their foundations?

As Pastor Terrell would say, “I’m glad you asked.” Our example of this can be found in Acts 22: 6-7.

In this case, Paul tells of his divine change when he was on the road to Damascus. Although it was at 12 noon, again there was a divine change and it came suddenly!

Now during this divine change, Paul states that he fell to the ground. Many of us have been there. We were going our own way doing our own thing and it happened.

God knocked you to the ground to get your attention to do His will. Until you submit yourself to God, your life will not be fulfilled. Look at it this way.

You were not the first to be knocked down and you won’t be the last either.  Rev. Terrell ended the message with this. When you have tried all that you can try, when you have this and tried that. Try Jesus! He is alright. When you ask, “what do I do?” God wants you to follow Him!

Because you are here, you can claim it. When all is stacked against you, trust God. Suddenly, your divine chance can come with your divine deliverance! Glory Be To God!

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