Buckhead considers new $240,000 well

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By Tia Lynn Lecorchick staff writer

The Buckhead City Council met on January 20 for the first time in 2014. During the meeting, council members approved Grace Bible Church’s request to construct a picnic area on the church’s property located at 489 Buckhead Road.

The Planning Commission unanimously voted to approve Grace Bible Church’s request at the end of last year. Grace Bible Church is cleared for construction as soon as they obtain the proper permits.

The council also considered moving foward on a town park project to construct Playground Safety Zones. According to Mayor Ricky Walker, the materials for the project will cost about $6,000, which the city has available in SPLOST. To save on labor costs, the council is considering setting up a volunteer day to give community members the opportunity to help complete the project in March.

The council is also considering approving a project to construct a new well in Buckhead. The cost of a new well is estimated to be $240,000. Alex Wiseman, a representive of Carter & Sloope, a company of consultng engineers, outlined the process, procedures and potential costs necessary to construct a new well. The council will explore all of their options and budgetary saving measres before making a final decision.

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