Kiss your elbow and turn into a boy – didn’t work for me

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By Betty Moore, Columnist

Our pipes were frozen twice but thankfully none were burst. I had saved some water in jugs. I used some but the other is still in my kitchen. I asked my husband what I should do with it. He said, “Let it stay there.” I will likely get it to the carport. Today, Jan.20 is a beautiful sunny day. There were no frozen pipes. The temperature was about 24 degrees this morning.

My daughter Linda is flying to Chicago tonight. It will be 12 degrees when she lands. She said that it would be 4 degrees on Tuesday morning. She will be glad to fly back south later on Tuesday afternoon. Me, too!

I had some good red velvet birthday cake that was from Eddie Frazier’s birthday party! His birthday was January 14.

A belated happy birthday Eddie! Richard Tanner is taking chemo five days a week. Then he waits three weeks for more. Please put him on your prayer list. He is a relative of Edna Smith. Jo Marcrum spent the holidays in South Georgia with Sherri and family. She really enjoyed seeing the two doggies playing together. Abby got a new one.

The Lake Oconee Baptist Chapel is having movie night on February 9 at 6 p.m. The movie is “Ring the Bell.” There are always hot dogs and popcorn. You are all invited to attend this special showing.

Kennon Howell had a birthday January 20. He was born on inaugural day when President John F. Kennedy went in office. Happy birthday Kennon! All the family came home to help him celebrate.

Tommy and Judy Lawrence visited us on Sunday afternoon. Linda Kincaid was here also. The AWANA at the Buckhead Baptist Church is doing well.

The Lake Oconee Baptist Chapel is having breakfast at 9:30 a.m. on February 2. Keep in mind April 5 the “Old Buckhead Days.” Besides the 5k road race at 8:30 a.m. there will be a parade at 10 a.m. If you want to participate in the 5k you must register by March 26 at The cost is $20 before then and after that it is $25. Once the parade gets to the firehouse there will be a great number of fun games, good food and a great time for one and all. All of the proceeds will go to improve the town park. Hope to see you there!

I had to chuckle a few days ago. I saw a picture of a young girl with overalls on. It immediately sparked a memory in my mind. When I was young and for many years women wore no pants and no shorts. We wore dresses and skirts to school, to church, to town and everywhere that we sent. I had a brother B.T. that was four years older. I loved him dearly.

We played together. We fought some but Mama stopped that but we usually got along very well. I played marbles and a game called mumble peg, which you threw a pocket knife in the ground. I don’t remember too much about mumble peg but I played the boy game of marbles just as good as he did. B. T. and the other brother Charlie who was six years older had a place on a branch stream where they poured water on the bank to make it slick and rode a homemade sled down really fast. I even rode that with my brothers.

But back to the overalls and the little girl in the picture with them. My brothers had so much fun that I wanted to be a boy, too so I could wear overalls. I had no sister my age. She was grown. Girls at school said that if you could kiss your elbow that you could turn to be a boy. Man alive.

You should have seen me trying to kiss my elbow. I wanted to be like B.T. and I wanted to be able to wear overalls. I tried and tried and tried again. I talked to Mama. I asked why I couldn’t be a boy like B. T.? She told me that God make me to be a girl so that B. T. would have a baby sister.

I was the baby in the family of 11 that lived. Try, try many times. I never kissed my elbow. And if I had I’d still be the one that God made me to be. As it happen B.T. and I are the only ones left of the large Brake family. He is in Manchester, Tenn. I have not seen him in over six or seven years. He can’t ride this far because of arthritis.

I haven’t had the opportunity to get there and don’t know that I’m able to go. We talk very often on the phone. I still love him as much. But God knows that we will see each other forever in eternity to come and we won’t wear overalls there.

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