Spoon shape in persimmon means a mild winter

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Rachel Harper

Rachel Harper

By Rachel Harper, Columnist

I am going to call up Mrs. Andrew Whitaker soon as she was the one who told me about cutting open a persimmon to see what shape was inside to see if it was a knife, fork, or spoon. She told me she could see very plainly it was a spoon which she said meant it was going to be a mild winter.

I really don’t call what we have had so far a mild winter!!! It has been very cold and we are really burning up the wood!!  I do realize that winter is really just beginning so we will see.  I had to go to Dr. Fletcher’s office here in town one day last week, but thank goodness, it wasn’t because I was sick.

This was the first time I had been to his new office building and my goodness, it is so, so nice!  He used to be right across from the emergency room at the hospital, but sometime last year he bought the building behind the car wash and Harris Furniture Company there on Hwy. 441.

I think it used to be Tender Tikes Daycare.  Dr. Fletcher’s nurse, Mrs Maryann. Wilson, who lives in the Godfrey community, was tickled to death to give me the grand tour.  They completely remodeled the building and Dr. Fletcher and his family did a lot of the work themselves.

It is just beautiful and is indeed something to be proud of.  It is very spacious, where before they felt like they were just running into each other all day long.  They have two waiting rooms and one is a concierge waiting room where, by paying a $20.00 fee,  you can go in and have coffee. etc., and not have to wait to see the doctor.

They will bring you right back to a room.  You will be in and out in no time and you won’t have to sit in the regular waiting room with sick children or adults.  In the concierge room, there is computer access and a private phone booth, in addition to plush surroundings.

In addition to that they have a kitchen area with table, chairs, and a microwave for the employees, two large supply rooms, a medicine room where they can give shots, etc., a nurses room where they can call to get pre-certifications, and talk to hospitals in private, and they also have another big room where Dr. Fletcher’s wife can come and home-school their four children.  That way they can all interact during the day and not have to wait until daddy comes home from a busy day at work.

This is a great medical addition to Madison and the surrounding area of which they can be very proud.   Dr. Fetcher also has a physician’s assistant, Ms. Daniels who assists him.  There is also enough office space for another doctor or two to join him in the future.  I was very impressed!  The Fairview Homemaker’s Club met here at my house on this past Wednesday afternoon.

Around 12 ladies were on hand to hear our special speaker. We had Jodie Schmidt come and  talk to us on organization.  Jodie owns her own organizing company which is called A New Leaf.  We all enjoyed listening to her as she got us all to thinking about what is really important to us and getting our lives and homes organized where we can all be happier and enjoy our homes more when we don’t have to deal with such clutter.

She said we should all be able to find something we need easily and quickly and not have to spend a week doing it or taking a closet apart to do it!  It was a very good program and very appropriate as when a new year begins we all make “resolutions” to try and do better in the new year.

She is available to help anyone….hoarders, harried mothers and housewives, older people who just want or have to downsize, and even helping to settle up estates when it is all said and done.  Patsy Holbert gave a very fitting devotional on abundance and God’s blessings.  The February meeting will be held at the home of Faye Hill who lives on Ponder Pines Road.  We need to remember the sick in our community in our prayers:  Rev. Darrell Van Horn, the pastor of Trinity, underwent heart bypass surgery this past week at Piedmont Hospital in Atlanta, but is at home now, Leigh Wilson is still recuperating from her surgery and is doing well, and Thelma Moon in Godfrey is still undergoing  treatments but had to spend some time in the hospital recently.

We pray for all of these and hope they all have better days.  We do want to offer our congratulations to Trey Bruce, son of Ginger and Charles Bruce, and to his wife,Kristin, as they were married this past Saturday in Kansas where Trey is stationed.

Ginger and Charles, Mr. and Mrs. Roger Bruce, Sherry Bruce, and other family members traveled out to Kansas for this blessed event.  We also want to congratulate Hannah Eaton, daughter of Gail and Lee Eaton, here on Baldwin Dairy Road as she has been named head MICO, which is the lead counselor over all 60 counselors in the Georgia 4-H program.  She will be based down at Rock Eagle.

This is a huge honor that she has been working towards for the past four years that she has been a 4-H counselor.  MICO is a Cherokee term meaning leadership.  Hannah attends North Georgia College where she is in the nursing program there.

Karalynn Clifton participated in a swim meet at Georgia Tech over the weekend with her swim team, the Marlins.  She and the others did well and had good showings.  Bertie Alligood from Lebanon, Tenn. spent the long holiday weekend with her parents, Jake and Blanche Wilson.  We all enjoyed Sunday lunch down at Mama and Daddy’s with the other family members.

Will Porter participated at the Winter Dairy Jamboree this past Saturday in Comer, where he won first place in the 11th and 12th grade showmanship class and also first place in the Class 4 category.  He won a beautiful belt buckle as well as ribbons.  Congratulations, Will, good job! Ben Porter spent the weekend working for a fellow sheep producer as he has for the past three years helping him out during lambing season.

Esther Curry and Pat Underwood enjoyed lunch together on Saturday and then traveling up to the Red Barn Antique Mall where they did some shopping.  The men’s ministry of Antioch Baptist Church hosted a hamburger and hotdog supper on Saturday night for the church where they heard the inspiring testimonies of two brothers, Reggie and Wesley Jones, who live in the Covington and Conyers area.

Wesley had a spinal cord injury when he was very young which left him almost completely paralyzed with just a little use in his arm.  They talked on being and staying positive and feeling God with them during the very difficult times.

They also have a hunting show, Unlimited Outdoors which comes on the GAC TV channel, which shows you can still get out and do things even though you have had some debilitating injury.  Having a disability is not the end of life and being able to do the things you love.  They also have a foundation that assists people who have had a spinal cord injury in retrofitting their homes for wheelchairs and such.  It was a very uplifting and inspirational night at Antioch.

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