Wednesday night services have been suspended this month

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Mae Buice

Mae Buice

By Mae Buice, Columnist

I just checked the thermometer on the back porch and it read a steaming 52 degrees. Is that enough that it’ll burn all this flu/crud sickness away? Tthe freezing cold didn’t do it. Beautiful day out there. But still so much sickness in and about our church family therefore not much news today even though we did have a good crowd on Sunday we missed those that are sick. The choir did exceptionally well on their special as did the special singers.

I love our singing service as well as the preaching hour. Butch took his message from Psalm 1, with the title  “Give Wisdom a Home”.   Each of us are just a heart beat away from hell. This Psalm is known as the Psalm of wisdom.

The Word here means living a life when you know the truth-and fear God and keep His commandments.  A godly man separates himself from the world. Sunday night the message was taken from Ephesians 5: 15-21, about living a spirit filled life, and the workings of the Holy Spirit.

Our Wednesday night services have been suspended for the rest of January due to low attendance from sickness. We’ll see how February plays it’s role here also. It was great to see Lou Comans walk through the door for services yesterday. Remember him as he struggles each day.   Always remember Jessie.

Good to see Eleanor back also. James was also able to attend. Had not been to church since before Christmas. This stuff hit some of us harder than it did others….maybe our age played a factor in this. The Sonrise Trio will be at Maysville this Thursday night with Clarke Kesler, at the Methodist church.

The Inspirations will be at Calvary Baptist in Statham this Thursday night at 7p.m. How can I attend both… I wish all our Senior Citizens were well enough to have an outing and enjoy one of these concerts. Lord, help all of us to get completely well soon. We send our sympathy to the Tom Brown family.

I just heard that Hazel Brown passed away this morning. We send our love to each of you. Gayle and Jimmy came down for a visit on Sunday afternoon. Always enjoy them. As I said before I do not have any news this week.

Happy birthday to Hiliary Simmons on the 21st, Jessie Comans the 24th, Alex Smith the 28th , Eleanor Johnson and Jessica Arnold on the 29th.   Special birthday blessings for Greg Stancil who will celebrate the 21st. Ladies, remember, L.I.F.T.  will meet on February 3rd.  So until next week may the Lord bless you real good.

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