Candidate Collins makes a campaign stop in Morgan

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By Nick Nunn staff writer

Mike Collins, candidate in Georgia’s 10th district congressional race, stopped in Madison last week on the campaign trail to tell voters about his plan and platform. Collins describes himself as a “business owner and life-long Conservative,” who began his first business at 25 and currently owns and operates four businesses.

Collins states that Washington D.C. is in need of an “overhaul,” and he has a ten-point plan for achieving administrative change: defund, repeal, and replace Obamacare; overhaul individual taxes; cut the federal budget; reform entitlements; save social security insurance; eliminate job-killing regulations; slash corporate tax rates; unleash our natural resources; rein in the Federal Reserve and ensure sound money; and pass a balanced budget amendment.

“I promise I will go to Washington solely to represent the wishes and the best interests of all the people of Georgia’s 10th District,” said Collins.

“I will remain the same individual from the day you send me until the day I come home with my head held high.” To find out more about Mike Collins’ campaign and his stance on individual issues, visit his website at:

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