I’m ready for the weather to clear out and leave us alone

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Mae Buice

Mae Buice

By Mae Buice, Columnist

WHAT!!!! Snow on Tuesday…it’s nice for maybe an hour but I hope it skips over us. I know the school kids would love a “snow day” vacation.

This weather has been the topic of many conversations lately…..and a hot topic it is. Or should I say “cold” topic. I’m ready for it to clear out and leave us alone. Thankful for visitors on Sunday and a fairly good crowd as still we have those out still sick. Several are going on several weeks of this stuff and that is bad…..I pray we do not relapse.

Jack and Alice seem to relapse, relapse, relapse. Pray for Jessie Comans, also remember Lou.  Steve and Cindy Smith have a good case.  Sandy Keheley, Charles Johnson,  Patsy Greene, O.L. Jordan,  Jerry and Judy Cottrell…the Walker family, so many, I know I will leave some off, but God knows it all. Our services were good and we were comfortable.

Temperature just right as Butch took his message from Psalm 139 with verses 17 and 18 telling about the awesome character of my God.   Do you ever question God’s power over you?  You cannot get away from His power.  He never abandons those of us that belong to Him.  He has given us great power.  When His hand is on me, there’s nothing I cannot do. Sunday night we do a little more singing, which we all enjoy then Butch preached from Obadiah 1: 10-21

Again I’ll stress that Wednesday nights have been canceled temporarily until some of this sickness is controlled.  Being off last Wednesday James and I visited at Lone Oak Baptist, which is always a pleasure for us.

Always enjoy singing for them.  We visited with Curtis and Kathleen Baughcum on Sunday afternoon…sure enjoyed that time with them. We also went down to Monticello last week to check on our cousin Alfred Buice…he has lung cancer and now has what the doctor calls Radiation Pneumonia… pretty bad.

He is only 90 years old and please remember him when you pray.  Several in our family are not in the best of health at this time. I am hurting today…..just heard the last of my aunts passed away yesterday…that gets all those on both sides of our family, officially making me the older generation….it hurts that I lost Aunt Marguerite Pickens Holloway.

Didn’t get to visit her much since we moved away but my heart is always with my family members.  I send my sympathy and love to Sandra Holloway Britt and her children. Ray, thank you so much for letting me know about this……Her funeral is Wednesday at Tom Wages in Snellville. I told you several weeks ago about our former neighbor Tim Moore and his daughter Rachael being in the bad car wreck while moving to Pennsylvania…..Tim has finally gone back to work,  Rachael is able to walk and has gotten the casts off both arms, what comes next with her, I do not know…but Theresa took Tim to work last week, the car slid on a bad patch of icy road,  she totaled that car,  broke her pelvic bone, ribs and had to be cut from the car. Pray for that family. She is in a rehabilitation place now.

Also I send sympathy to Kiki Yenerall.  Her father passed away on Sunday. Happy birthday to Alex Smith on the 28th, Eleanor Johnson and Jessica Arnold on the 29th. Happy birthday to Sister-Sister, sisters. Tina and Neal Higdon and Rita and Blayne Harrington who will celebrate on February 1st.

Special anniversary blessings for my daughter, Gayle and Jimmy Holmes who will celebrate the 3rd. Kim and Rusty Johnson celebrate on the 5th. Roy Cartrette will have a birthday on the 2nd, Lou Comans and Heather Evans on the 3rd.  Mary Beacham and Jerry Cottrell on the 4th and Maddison Busbee the 5th “Whenever you are blue or lonely or stricken by some stupid thing you did, the cure and the hope is in caring about other people.”

Diane Sawyer said this. So until next week may the Lord bless you real good.

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