Keeping jugs of water in kitchen to prepare for snow storm

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By Betty Moore, Columnist

As I write this we are all anticipating the predicted snow storm for our area on the 28 of January. Today is a nice day so we wait and see what happens.

Meanwhile I’m keeping my jugs of water in the kitchen and a bucket of water for the bathroom. I’ll be ready. The Lake Oconee Baptist Chapel will have a movie on February 9 at 6 p.m. Come to see “Ring the Bell.”

It will be a movie that is inspiring and worth your time. On February 2 the church is having a breakfast at 9:30 a.m. They are finishing up the Lottie Moon Christmas offering. Margaret Bell and Jo Marcrum had lunch Sunday with Chuck and Miriam Foster.

Charles and Carolyn Massey are here from Tifton. They have had her family, Virginia and Jon Appleton, Margaret and Warren Robinson and Robert Joe Bell. There was a terrible wreck at the road coming out near the Buckhead Cemetery.

A man was hurt seriously. He was airlifted. I believe his name was Nicholson. That is all the information that I have. Jackie Wheat called me this morning.

They are going out of the dairy business. Someone from down in South Georgia got a hundred of the milk cows. A neighbor bought some. Andy went in business with his daddy Arlin Wheat in 1976. That was 38 years ago. His daddy started in 1957.

One of his milker’s was in a wreck and was hurt. Anyway the time seemed to come. However the circumstances it gets to be a bittersweet time. I know for myself that it would be. So Andy and Jackie when the time comes that you have gotten all of the cows gone relax, go off somewhere and have fun and enjoy life.

You have certainly earned it. Susan and Jack Johnston had lunch on Sunday with John and Gail Wade. Dennis and Julie Godbee were called to Newton Medical Center early Saturday morning because his son Matt was sick. He stayed overnight for tests.

Happy birthday to Dennis Godbee who has a birthday on January 30! I hope you have a great day and many more birthdays!

By the way as time goes by we are getting closer to April 5 when there will be “Old Buckhead Days.” As I have told you before there will be a 5k-road race, which will need to be paid before March 26. The $20 fee can be sent to ACTIVE.Com.

After March 26 it will cost $25. Get your old tractors, floats, cars, and clown outfits, whatever ready for the parade at 10 a.m. March 27. Come on to the fire house where there will be music, food, games, face painting, sack race, three-legged race, corn hole tournament and more. Would the person that is in charge of wrestling please call me at 706-342-0266. I have lost y our number.

I have no information about wrestling right now. Thanks!

About eight years ago a friend found a small dog that seemed to be lost. She carried it to another friend’s house that was in the Putnam Human Society. The dog had many pieces of clothes line wire rolled tightly around her neck.They could hardly get their fingers under the wire to try cutting it loose.

Finally after much trying they got it loose. They bathed her and carried her to get her “fixed.” Later we went to my friend’s house. The little dog hopped in our laps. My friend asked my husband if he wanted a dog. I said “no.” I had lost my black poodle. I didn’t think that any other dog would take his place. But my husband seemed to want her.

She was so adorable. She slept in the room with him the first night. After that she came to my room. I fixed her a bed on the floor but at eight she woke me up when she hopped up on the bed. That’s where she has been every since. Since then two cats have come to live here. If the female tries to sharpen her claws on the furniture I tell her “no.”

This dog “Prissy” has taken on the role of being the “Mama”. She corrects the two cats. She will set chase after them. At first she barks and looks at me. I let her know that she has done well. She’s really some more dog to have around. I’m glad that we were able to adopt her.

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