Letters: Concerned about Common Core

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Dear Editor:

As a parent of three children and a lifelong Morgan County resident, I am concerned about the implementation of the Common Core standards/curriculum in our schools at the local and statewide levels.

I realize many parents, guardians and concerned, voting, tax-paying citizens have little understanding of how this change affects our children, teachers, schools and communities.

I ask the readers of the Morgan County Citizen: Do you know who developed the Common Core standards and how they were researched and tested?

Are you aware of the significant changes regarding collection of your child’s and family’s data and who now has or will have access to the data? Do you know the standards are copyrighted with little allotment for change and who owns the copyrights?

Are you aware of the growing controversy not just in Georgia, but across the United States, with concerns being expressed not just among parents, but educators, including Colleges and University level professors?

While currently contained to the public education system, are you aware that Common Core could eventually intrude on Georgia’s private schools?

If you do have the answers, I encourage you to attend the town hall meeting featuring professional, non-partisan, Common Core experts from 1:45 to 3:45 p.m. on Saturday, February 8 at the Morgan County Recreation Department Gym located at 1253 College Drive.

Any county or state resident is invited to attend this meeting.

While there is no cost to attend this meeting, to remain unaware could cost us the futures of our children.

-Jamie Campbel Madison

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