Letters: Pearl St. interests Wall St.

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Pearl St. intersects Wall St. It has come to my attention that Pearl St. has become an impediment to the economic growth of Madison. Purportedly, Pearl St.’s representatives on the city council, Chris Hodges and Carrie Reid have stated that the blight and vacant residences on Pearl St. are making businesses hesitant to locate to Madison.

To ameliorate this situation, Hodges and Peters have proposed a Pearl St. beautification plan. I suppose the purpose of this plan is to improve Pearl St. because it is the gateway to the Middle School.

Naturally, potential businesses would want to check out the schools their employees’ children would be attending.

This begs the question, is this plan racially motivated?

Are businesses just reluctant to have their workers’ children driven through a black community to a school located in a black community?

Residents of Pearl St. take great pride in their homes. They spend a lot of time and money maintaining them very well.

They would be surprised to learn that their elected officials would “cave in” so quickly to the business community.

These are the same citizens who a few months ago put up yard signs for these elected officials. I wonder were their yards and homes considered blighted then.

-Mrs. Georgia K. Jackson Madison

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