MCMS Hoop Dogs “white-out” Loganville Red Devils

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Jamie Puckett gets between a Red Devil and the basket.

Jamie Puckett gets between a Red Devil and the basket.

By Leila Dycus Intern

It was a tough week for the Morgan County Middle School (MCMS) Bulldogs, but ending on a strong note at home as the two teams beat the Loganville Red Devils.

“I’m proud of how well the players are beginning to understand the game and the real meaning of how to play basketball,” said boy’s coach Milfred Franklin.

The MCMS basketball teams continued their season this week with games against Monticello and Loganville. On Wednesday Jan. 22 the Bulldogs traveled to Monticello.

Then on Friday Jan. 24 they returned home to take on the Red Devils. The game against Monticello would prove to be a hard one for the boys.

After winning five games in a row the boys hoped to continue their winning streak. Coach Franklin said that the guys only played good basketball for six minutes.

But after the six minutes the wheels fell off. Coach Franklin went on to say that the problem was that the team didn’t show any pride or fight.

He attributed this to the fact that the team had been on a winning streak, saying that the boys forgot how to fight when it got tough.

Coach Franklin hopes that the guys learned that no matter what the situation is they must keep fighting. The MCMS boys were defeated by Monticello on Wednesday 35 to 49.

The team then turned their focus to taking on Loganville on Friday. As the boys ran out of the locker room it was evident that the game against Monticello had taught them a lesson. MCMS was the first to score in the first quarter.

It was a quarter of three point shots for the Bulldogs. MCMS lead the Devils 9 to 2 at the end of the first quarter.

The dogs continued their advance in the second quarter leading 23 to 10 at the end of the half. “Friday’s effort throughout the game was a showing of how we need to be throughout every game,” said Coach Franklin.

The third quarter was about digging in and fighting hard. As the quarter went on the teams began to feel the pressure, both suffering several foul shots.

However, it was MCMS who dominated the third leading 34 to 12. Loganville tried to rally in the fourth but the Bulldogs were there to answer their efforts. MCMS went on to hold the Red Devils to 18 points winning the game 46 to 18.

Although the game went in the Bulldogs favor Coach Franklin went on to say that they are still struggling with consistency.

“My message to the players from this point on is, it’s not about x’s and o’s it’s about the Jimmy’s and Joe’s and standing up to adversity rather than shying away,” said Coach Franklin.

Currently the boy’s are tied with Greene County for second place. The boys will face Greene at home on Wednesday for youth and eight grade night.

It is a big game and will determine where the Bulldogs will stand as they go into the Super Saturday Tournament on Feb. 1 at Monticello High School.

For the girls the game against Loganville would be a difficult one. After several upsetting loses this season the girls showed a lot of fight through out the game. At times coming close to taking over the lead.

The girls trailed the Red Devils 14 to 15 at the end of the first half. However, Loganville dug in harder widening their lead in the third and only allowing the Bulldogs to put two points on the board. Loganville lead 21 to 16 at the end of the third.

The dogs were determined not to give up in the fourth. In the end it was Loganville that pulled out the win. The Red Devils kept the lead and ran with it beating the Bulldogs 25 to 35. The girls will go on to face Greene County at home this week for youth and eight grade night.

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