Rutledge Council works to update ordinance book

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By Leila Dycus staff writer

The City of Rutledge held a regular meeting on Tuesday Jan. 21, to discuss business license approvals, the scheduling of an ordinance meeting, ordinance updates, and an advertisement.

The meeting began with the appointment of Charles Merritt as Municipal Court Judge and the appointment of Brenda Thompson as Mayor Pro Tem. Debbie Kilgore, city clerk, brought up the upcoming meeting with Chuck Jarrell to discuss four ordinances concerning grass height, animals, personal care homes, and event spaces.

The meeting will be held so that the council will be able to view model ordinances before they go to they Planning and Zoning commission for reccomendations, before then coming back to the council for final approval.

Artz stated that Rutledge’s ordinances have not been updated on, a resource the city uses to keep its ordinances available online.

Mayor Bratcher said that it would be a process of going through the ordinances and then getting Chuck Jarrell to update it. Every time a change needs to be made to the ordinaces online, the change is sent to a company that makes the change for the city.

A fee is charged each time the ordinances are updated.

Mayor James Bratcher said that they can shop around to find another company to update the ordinances, but they would then have to start from scratch.

No further action was then taken on the issue. Kilgore informed the council about the possibility of reserving an advertising space in the Madison Morgan Chamber of Commerce map.

After a discussion about advertising in the map, the conversation turned to the relationship between Rutledge merchants and the Chamber of Commerce.

Rutledge provides 10 merchants with memberships to the Chamber of Commerce, and various merchants pointed out the importance of being involved with the chamber. However, many area merchants do not know that they are members of the chamber.

Ultimately, the council elected to not purchase the advertisement.

Resident Frankie Beers presented an update on the town’s public bathroom. Beers has been looking after the bathrooms and felt that it is necessary to address a standing water problem.

Because of recent rains, water has been able to seep into the public restrooms through the ground. The standing water has created a safety hazard and Beers feels the bathroom needs to be looked at by a contractor.

The main safety hazard is that the restrooms have a heating system and if the water gets to the heating system it could cause a real problem.

Beers fears that if the bathroom becomes a safety hazard it will have to be closed.

Kilgore noted that the bedgeted amount for repairs and maintenance has been spent for this year, but the council agreed to take a look at the bathroom and get back to Beers on what they are going to do to resolve the issue.

Dr. Michael Hughes of the Back to Wellness Chiropractic Clinic in Rutledge then presented his need for a safety mirror to be installed in the parking lot of his business.

Recently, a patient’s car was broken into in the parking lot. After this incident Dr. Hughes wants to make the parking lot environment more secure for his patients and staff members by fixing a mirror to a lamppost just to the left of the wellness building.

Mayor James Bratcher stated that Hughes would have to hire someone to install the mirror, since city personnel cannot be used for the task, but that the mirror would have to be placed in a way that does not impede vision.

The council gave Hughes permission to install the mirror. The council approved a business license for Carl Hilton Jr. for his business, Jan Pro, a janitorial service, and a home office permit for John Artz’ business, Avionics Interface.

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