Sixth Grader Mahoney wins county spelling bee

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Sixth grader Jack Mahoney (left) was the winner of the Spelling Bee.

Sixth grader Jack Mahoney (left) was the winner of the Spelling Bee.

By Tia Lynn Lecorchick staff writer

Morgan County students, from fourth grade to eighth grade, participated in The Annual Doris Bray Spelling Bee on Jan. 25.

The bee was held at the Board of Education (BOE) building. Jack Mahoney, MCMS sixth grader, won first place, while Joseph Hill, MCMS seventh grader was the runner up. Mahoney will go on to compete in the Georgia Association of Educators (GAE) District 7 bee on March 1 at Putnam Middle School in Eastonon.

The system-wide spelling bee at the BOE this past Saturday was sponsored by Morgan County Association of Educators. Each student competed against other students from the same grade in a spelling bee challenge.

“Spelling bees give students an opportunity to show their proficiency in the art of spelling,” said Annie Adams, a MCMS teacher.

According to Adams, the winner of the system bee competes at the district level and the next areas of advancement are the state and national Scripp Spelling Bee.

The district spelling bee is sponsored by GAE, and After the GAE District 7 Bee in March, the winner go on to compete at the State Spelling Bee on Mar. 21 at Georgia State University.

Participants in the The Annual Doris Bray Spelling Bee were: Fourth Graders Eli Freeman, Dorothy Smith, and Alex Hardin; Fifth Graders Brooklynne Guinn and Luke Knight; Sixth Graders Jack Mahoney, Joie Gillis, and Michael Peters; Seventh Graders Joseph Hill, Tavacia Parks, Dakota Guinn; and Eighth Graders Harshit Patel, Samantha Penland and Thomas Bailey.

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