The Sports Desk: Soupy Bowl Sunday

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Nick Nunn, Nunnsense

Nick Nunn, Nunnsense

By Nick Nunn, Columnist

I was genuinely surprised to hear just a couple of days ago that the world is bearing down on Superbowl Sunday.

However, my surprise didn’t surprise me. I’m not a big follower of professional football generally.

I think the last time that I watched each down of the NFL’s biggest game of the year was when the Falcons were in it last.

Honestly, I don’t even watch for the commercials, even though I’ll usually find my way to the best ones a day or two after the contest.

And the halftime show?

No. Anyway, I was perusing one of my favorite sporting websites, the Sporting News, when I found an article entitled, “Your one-stop shop for Super Bowl betting information,” which piqued my interest entirely.

Betting has never been my strong suit, and I’ve never before attempted to figure out how to read info on odds and spreads and all of that other stuff, about which I am still clueless, so, when I located a link that was supposed to give me live odds from multiple Vegas sources, I clicked on it.

I expected to be led to a page full of charts and tables so packed with information that I’d have to go in the other room to get Monaray’s glasses in order to be able to read it, but I was surprised – and, frankly, a little disappointed – when I only found a small, horizontal box with only a couple of numbers.

Still, I had no clue about what the numbers meant, so I clicked one of them, and – BOOM – I was overloaded with numbers and info before I could blink. Game trends, recent injuries, matchups from the past few years, expert analysis; all right there at my fingertips, and I, still without a clue.

Heck, I just wanted something to tell me who was going to win the darned game so I wouldn’t have to either watch the game or be behind the information curve, as I so often am.

Oh, well. I don’t guess that knowing would affect me either way.

There’s just about as good of a chance that I’m going to find myself in East Rutherford, N.J., this Sunday as there is of me laying down any of my good, old greenbacks on the outcome of the soupy bowl, regardless of how good the odds are.

But, for the football fanatics that can scrape up enough cash to go sit in an open stadium in the north during the first weekend in February, I’m happy to see that the weather looks like it is going to level out a little by the time Sunday gets here.

It’ll only get down into the 20s that night.

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