Tyranny of the Minority

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By Donald Kerr, Columnist

We live with a minority who complain that our society has become a “socialist state,” that they are losing personal liberty, freedom to own guns, and personal choice.

It is not what they think. No one is going to take away guns, and surveillance by the National Security Agency, as designed and implemented by George W. Bush, has so far kept away another terrorist attack.

The only tinge of socialism in the United States is our caring for the elderly, the sick, the poor, and our children, and nothing is more American than that.

The real tyranny is in our House of Representatives, which stopped the bill to create jobs: House Speaker John Boehner made it “dead on arrival.”

It would have created jobs on roads, bridges, natural gas and oil pipelines, and a national electrical grid, and in the fundamental research that has lead the world in innovation.

That same tyranny has destroyed half of Head Start where our kids develop their first interest in learning.

It also killed an immigration bill that offered inducements to the best and brightest from overseas to stay in the United States after earning doctoral degrees.

The minority pushed Speaker Boehner into the House’s voting 42 times to repeal the Affordable Healthcare Act.

They also crushed any chance of a “Grand Bargain” and instead gave us the “Sequester,” depriving a fragile economy of even more of our slender resources and reducing the effectiveness of our military.

The United States is the most generous, warm-hearted country in the world. We will always help those in need.

But now, our ultra right-wing minority is forcing their leader and the majority of Republican Representatives into a level of cruelty that hurts not only our economy, but also those with no political clout: the poor, the sick, the out of work (13 million), and children.

These are the targets of this ultra right-wing minority who say they do this to balance the budget.

A balanced budget is needed, but not one in opposition to economic growth, and not right now. It is worth noting that it was Republicans who created nearly $12 trillion of our $17 trillion debt, and now they are trying to force us to accept their minority leadership.

This minority must be challenged. They are a minority attempting to control our government. That is tyranny.

Donald Kerr is the Chairman of the Morgan County Democratic Committee.

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