We are having a colder winter than my brother in Belgium!

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Rachel Harper

Rachel Harper

By Rachel Harper

Here we go again; on this Tuesday they are forecasting a winter storm watch with snow accumulations and maybe some sleet!!

So I know what I will be doing on this Monday and tonight; we will all be in “hunker down” mode; bottling up water, bringing in wood inside and under the carport, leaving water dripping and the heater on in the utility room or under the house.

Lots and lots to do and oh, of course, making a run to the grocery store to be sure we have essentials!  Do you know we are having a colder winter than my brother is in Belgium!  So far, that is!!  Mercy!  We do want to extend our sympathy to the family of Mary Jackson who passed away on this past Sunday.

She was a sweet lady who had had her share of sorrow through the years with losing a baby daughter in a tragic accident and a son who was killed in a truck accident, and then her husband had also preceded her in death.

We send out our thoughts and prayers to her son, Milton Jackson and his family here in Madison and also to her daughter, Vicky, who is married to a classmate of mine Richard Walters, and her family who live in Conyers.  We also include her sister Christine Tamplin and her brother Mark Mason in our condolences.

We also want to send out healing thoughts and prayers to Christine Tamplin as she had the misfortune to fall and break her arm recently.  Mrs. Tamplin lives in the assisted living Madison House here in town.

We are also sending out additional healing thoughts and prayers to Sally Stephens as she also had the misfortune to fall and break her wrist in a fall at her home in the wee hours of last Thursday morning.

She had gotten up to let her beloved pet dogs out to tend to business when she tripped over a rug at the outside door and down she went.  She had surgery on Thursday afternoon where they  had to put in plates and pins.

While the surgeon was operating he noticed she had some carpal tunnel issues going on and also a lot of arthritis plaque buildup on her tendons so he fixed and cleaned up all that as well, so she should notice a noticeable difference when she is fully recovered.

God does indeed work in mysterious ways!  We are glad for answered prayers as Dean Strange was able to come home on last Friday after having been a hospital patient at St. Joseph’s in Atlanta for several days recently.

We are also glad that Rev. Darrell Van Horne was able to attend services at Trinity Baptist Church on this past Sunday although others will be filling in for him for several more weeks as he continues to recuperate.

We are glad that Harriette Wade is doing better and  was able to attend services at her church, The First United Methodist Church on Sunday morning.  Aunt Harriette is probably one, if not the only, oldest living members of the church.

She is 94 years old and will be 95 in April.  She started going there when she was 10 years old.  Leigh Wilson is also doing great and was able to travel with Matt and Marlee to a roping event down in Jacksonville, Fla. over the weekend.

We want to wish Madelyn Porter a very Happy Birthday as she will turn seven years old this week.  On Saturday, her daddy, Scott, and her grandmother Sally Porter and her Aunt Sadie all gave her an American Girl doll birthday party.

It really looked like a cousin’s birthday party as so many of us were there!  I was there with my granddaughter, Maggie, Ray Pittman had his granddaughter, Gracie, Sarah Nell Craig had her three granddaughters, Peyton, Meri, and Elise, Beth Cathey with Maddie, who would be Sammy’s granddaughter, Bart and Samantha Cathey had their children, Taylor, Harlie, and Malachi Cathey, which is Gerald’s grandchildren, and Dan and Sally’s grandchildren, Madelyn, of course, with Jake and Mary Elizabeth Carver.

It has been a long time since there were that many cousins together!  Also joining in the fun were Vickie Huff with her granddaughters, Judy Johnson with her granddaughters, and Ryan Hilsman with his children.

They just had lots of crafts for the girls to color and make, but Scott, Madelyn’s daddy was the star with making each girl a bracelet out of this different colored plastic thread that is weaved together and that is all the rage now for each girl to take home.

Sally, who is a wonderful seamstress, had made little skirts or pants for each girl to pick out that would fit their American Girl doll.  Of course there was cake and ice cream!

They all had a ball! We also want to wish Rocky Acord a Happy Birthday!  He and his family attend Belmont Baptist Church in Conyers and on Saturday evening family and friends treated him to a birthday celebration at the church.

Several old friends from Trinity Baptist Church as well as family and extended family all attended to wish him well.

Maggie spent Saturday and Saturday night with us and we enjoyed going to Madelyn’s birthday party.  She had a good time going through closets finding her something to wear to school on this Monday where she was supposed to look 100 years old!

I think it is to celebrate being in school for 100 days;  this is something new to celebrate, I guess! She is also supposed to dress up for a barn dance her PE class is having on Tuesday evening!

Needless to say, she found something to fit the bill! Sarah Nell and Steve Craig had their granddaughters Peyton, Meri and Elise Kenny visiting them this past weekend for their cousin’s birthday party, too.

I learned a good tip for us grandparents; she and her daughter, Stephanie just swap cars for the weekend, so they won’t have to swap carseats in and out.  That is a good idea!  Don Gilbert stopped in to see his parents, Joan and Raymond Gilbert on Saturday after attending a meeting in Athens for his work.

Don works for The Southern Company in Baxley.  Eunice Smith from Albany attended Sunday School at Bethany Baptist Church on this past Sunday.

She had been in Eatonton visiting her sister, Lilliam McElhenney for a few days and was on her way to see her other sister, Helen Muse, in Athens for a few days.  All these girls are the daughters of the late Belle and Percy Stewart and grew up here in the Fairview community.  Sadie, Jake, and Mary Elizabeth Carver from Perry were up spending the weekend with Dan and Sally Porter.

Shannon and Will Porter attended the Elberton County Dairy Show this past Saturday where Will came away with first and second places in his classes.  Congratulations, Will!  Shannon said that it was cold, cold and just short of freezing all day.

Shannon, Clay, Will, and Ben Porter all attended the funeral services for her Uncle Tommy in Union, SC. on this past Wednesday.  Our thoughts and prayers are with all of this family.

Raegan Wilkins participated in the Snowflake Invitational Gymnastics Meet in Lawrenceville on this past Sunday.

She placed first on vault, floor exercises, and beam with a third place on the bars.  She received first place overall.

We are so proud of her!  Janice Philippi, Rebekah Kilpatrick, and Jeannette Cathey visited Frances Brewer during this past week down at The Lake Oconee House.

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