Chadwick McKee Earns Degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Chemistry at UGA

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CHAD MCKEE Roger and Carol McKee of Buckhead, Georgia are pleased to announce the recent graduation of their son William Chadwick McKee.  On December 13 of 2013  the University of Georgia’s graduate school conferred upon Chad the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Chemistry.  Chad completed his undergraduate work at the University of Georgia in Athens in May  2006.  He has published several works in various chemistry journals while doing research for the University under Professor Doctor Paul Schleyer, who is a world renowned chemist and one of the most published chemists of all time.  Chad has accepted a position at Louisiana State University’s (LSU) Department of Chemical Engineering as a Post Doctoral Fellow in material science research.  He will begin his work there with a focus on alternative energy sources/nanotechnology in February and will be moving to Baton Rouge.

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