Common Core Meeting Saturday

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Special to the Citizen

An informational meeting on the state implemented common core standards within the public school systems is being held in Madison on Saturday, February 8. The meeting will begin at 1:45 p.m. promptly and last until 3:45 p.m., with time for questions following.

The location is the Madison/Morgan County Recreation Department Gym located at 1253 College Drive, Madison. This is an open meeting, not exclusive to Morgan County residents, as this affects all residents of the state.

The common core standards are extremely controversial, not only in Georgia, but throughout the United States. I encourage you as a parent, grandparent or concerned, voting, tax paying citizen to attend. Guest speakers from across the state will be speaking on various subjects and areas of concern.

The purpose of this meeting is to draw awareness to various topics and areas of concern in regards to said standards and how each could potentially affect the future of our children. The mentioned meeting is a bipartisan effort, not exclusive to one political party or another.

There is no cost to attend. Guest Speakers will present their views, data, facts and research on Common Core and how it will affect children, tax-dollars, teaching, testing, and local control of schools. Common Core is a set of national standards designed by two trade associations in Washington D.C. and approved by 46 states without any review process.

Common Core is un-researched and untested, and was not written by any educational or child development experts. While Georgia has withdrawn from the PARCC assessment, new assessments are underway. All are welcome and encouraged to come and learn more about Common Core in Georgia.

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