Knowing who God is and where He is work together

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T. Adrienne Terrell

T. Adrienne Terrell

By T. Adrienne Terrell, Columnist

Greetings from The Springs! As I write this article, I can’t help but share with you how much I have enjoyed this day. Since the past few weeks have been fraught with sub freezing temps and rainy days, I am enjoying a superfine Sunday that is a warm and toasty (at least for an early February day) 64 degrees.

How great is our God! Okay, before I go any further, I have to get personal here and share the good news! I am the proud recipient of a new grandchild. Yes, it is true. My son, Alexander (A. J.) Smith and Miss A’veriana Dennis are the proud parents of a son born on January, 27 at 8:10a.m., weighing 7 lbs, 6 ounces and 20 ½ inches. He is beautiful!

Alright, I’m moving on to the news.

Here are the upcoming events hosted by USBC: Church Conference: Saturday, February 8 at 2p.m. Let’s Do It Again 70’s Night: Friday, February 14 at 6:30p.m. (Location for this event is the Old Standridge Building in Social Circle, GA) USBC Annual Black History Program: Sunday, February 16t at 10a.m. NAACP Annual Black History Program: Sunday, February 16 at 4:30p.m. USBC Men’s Day Program: Sunday, February 23 at 10a.m.

Although we had a very small group for Bible Study on Wednesday night, it was still quite powerful. Pastor Terrell started a new series in which he will answer these three topics: God, I want to know who You are; God, I want to know where You are and God, I want to know what You want me to do. The key to finding out these answers is that the topics of knowing who He is and of knowing where He is work together. Rev. Terrell went on to say that God has revealed Himself in remarkable and unusual ways throughout he Bible including being a light from heaven for Saul, a burning bush to Moses, in dreams for Joseph and as Angel to Mary to name a few.

But, God’s greatest and most meaningful revelation to the Christian believer is through the second and third persons of the Trinity; Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. Keep in mind that this Wednesday will be Prayer and Testimony Night but we will resume this new series on the following Wednesday night. Those of us that were present for the beginning of this series know without a doubt that we were in the right place at the right time for that class. Thank God for a pastor such as ours which teaches in a manner where all can comprehend and yet we still we can delve deeper into the knowledge of Christ!

On Sunday, we were graced to have Councilwoman Chris Hodges worshipping with us. I know that her former classmates and present constituents at The Springs were delighted to see her. I am sure that we will see her again soon.

If you turn to Ezekiel 37 and read verses 1-4, then you will find the text for Sunday’s sermon given by Rev. Terrell. Ezekiel was a priest turned prophet and the God allowed him to see many visions. In this particular one, it is the well known vision of the dry bones.

For us, those dry bones represent those dry places in our lives.   Just as Ezekiel spoke to the dry bones, we can also speak to our dry situations. Sometimes God is still working in those areas in which we have given up on or even stopped praying about. We tend to give up when we don’t get a result instantly or even the first, second or third time we pray. We quit and get complacent. Now, God told this prophet to prophesy in that area.

God is saying to us to speak life over that situation. The Lord wants a few Christians to believe and to continue believing that He will move on our behalf. The text for the morning first shows us that we need to have God in us for us to lead others to Him. The Lord wants us to know Him in a special way. We must know that it is all about God and not us.  In verse three, God asks Ezekiel a question.

God questioned the man, not because He didn’t already know the answer, but to make him think. It is the same for us. When the Lord questions us, we must find a way to make a positive statement. Even when doubt surpasses our belief and it seems like all hope is gone, we can’t be negative.

In other words, we should speak life and not death. Here is another point that we must consider, too. Pastor Terrell stated that when we answer the Lord saying, “I don’t know,” that shows doubt. We can learn a lesson from Ezekiel. His response was positive with him saying, “O Lord God, thou knowest.”

One problem of today is that people are not telling the truth by saying that they are not claiming something that is going on in their lives. God says to recognize that thing for what it is. For Ezekiel it was dry bones; for you it will be something else. Next, we need to speak the Word of God over it.

Acknowledge the situation and know that the Lord has not forgotten about it. The next move is to use The Word to speak to those dry places! Glory Be To God!

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