Letters: Supporter says it’s time to support the Bulldogs

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To The Editor

Hey all you Morgan fans, come on fill up the stands! There is some mighty good high school basketball being played down on the campus of Morgan County High School at the new gymnasium that I like to think of as the Dog House. Too bad so few people are there to enjoy it!

The two-time region champions are perfectly positioned as they battle for the three peat and those coveted home state playoff games rewarded to region champs.

But now, as the regular season winds down, the opportunities to see this special group dwindles to a precious few games. Winning is certainly an attractive draw.

But this team plays the game with class, dignity, and respect…respect for themselves, their opponents, and for the game itself. In an age when it seems that athletes play only to demonstrate their celebratory skills, don’t expect to see any of that from these Bulldogs.

The game is played as it should be played and these young men will make you proud. What a testimony to the teaching and leadership that comes from their coaches, especially head Coach Charlemagne Gibbons.

As another memorable season nears its ends, there are still chances to enjoy. As the regular season rolls into the “second season”, the region and state playoffs, there should not be an empty seat in the building.

So come on folks, don’t let this season slip away without us supporting these young men. Shame on us if we do!! Freddy Owens Rutledge

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