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By Betty Moore, Columnist


The Belles of Buckhead enjoyed a delicious pot-luck supper at Eloise Bowden’s house. The hostesses were Lady Catherine, Princess Dragonfly and Queen Lady Lilac did a great job of decorating, serving and fun games.

In January they enjoyed a meal at the Chowder House. Queen Lady Lilac was the hostess. The birthdays were Myra Clothier, Dorothy Sharp, Cathy Slaughter and Amanda Thomas.

I was so sorry to hear of the death of Mary Mason Jackson. I had not seen her in a few years. It was always at the grocery store that I saw her. When I was 10 and 11 years old I lived next door to Mary on the Bostwick Highway just above where Christine Tamplin’s house is. Mary lived across the road. I also played with June Conner Bone and Nancy Martin West when I lived there. I would like to send my sincere sympathy to Mary’s family, to Mark and to all of the family. I am so sorry.

I was sorry to hear of the death of Dorothy Little Bird Larkin. I had known her since she was little and going on the same school bus that I rode in Putnam County. Her sister Pauline was in my class. Later when she was married to Leroy Bird they lived in the same neighborhood as we live. Her daughter Cindy is the same age as my daughter Beverly. I send my sympathy to Cindy and her family, to her husband and to all relatives.

There will be a Berry Tournament at Sugar Creek Marina February 8. Landon Denning has a birthday on February 8.

Happy birthday! Ethel Cochran Norrell had a birthday on February 5. Happy birthday! Hallie Hickman has a birthday on February 11. Happy birthday!

Richard Tanner continues to need prayer with his treatments and with his condition. Please put him on your prayer list.

Dink and Sandra Dorminy spent a few days with Dennis and Julie Godbee. They celebrated Dennis’ birthday. There was a large banana pudding involved and somehow I got into having the privilege of having one too. m-m-m-good!

Sue Doorenboos had her sister Denise to visit from Orlando recently for a week.

The Lake Oconee Baptist Chapel will have their business meeting February 16 at 6 p.m. Their monthly singing will be February 23 at 6 p.m.

Watch out for April 5 when it will be “Old Buckhead Days,” when there will be a 5-k race, parade, fun, food, music, three-legged sack races, corn hole tournament, raffle, fun for kids and more. You just watch out and be ready!

I was thinking about the concrete slab that we have where we had a chicken house. The long truck with shavings for the floor came back there. There were places in the wire in the side of the chicken house where we had to open to let the large pipe in so as to blow the shavings in. I dare say that the pipe was almost as large as a 50-gallon drum. The driver of the truck would operate the blower. Me? I had to try to hold that pipe. It’s a wonder that it didn’t have me strung out because it was so strong but somehow I hung on. The man would stop the blower to move the truck up so that shavings could be evenly distributed. They would be in piles most of the time. You couldn’t help it. Anyway we kept going until the transfer truck was emptied of shavings.

There used to be a movie called the “Flying Nun.” It’s a wonder in this case that it wasn’t a “Flying White-haired woman.” I’ve had white hair for years and this took place years ago.

I’d seen my husband get on the Cub Cadet with the blade, get in the chicken house and attack stacks of shavings with such ease as he smoothed them in preparation for baby chicks. He went along swiftly. I thought now that looks so easy. I think I’ll help him out and make him proud of me. I got on the tractor.

I revved it up like he did. I go flying down through there. I hit those piles and I skidded side ways. Oh, my grief! I’m turning the wheel so fast. I slide. I almost hit the wall. How in the world did this thing get to going so fast? I take my feet of everything! Maybe it will stop! I turn round and round, going fast. I’m turning the wheel fast. I’m in the same place. I yell out, “Lord – Lord – Lord please help me! I reach for the throttle. Oh, thank you Lord! I get off.

My knees are weak. I thought that I would never try to help my husband with that job again to make him proud of me. A few days later my husband asked me if I drove the tractor? Meekly I admitted to it. He asked if I hit the wall any? I told him no, but I almost did many times. That was the last time that job was one I wanted to try. And I ended up with no broken bones or bruises despite the fact that I was going so fast trying to go the speed like the experienced one. Thanks be to God!

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