Sheriff’s office nabs four for home invasion

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By Patrick Yost Editor

Three men and a woman have been arrested and charged after a Bostwick home invasion that stemmed, authorities said, from the alleged theft of a video game and game controller.

According to Lt. Mark Williams, the four people have all been charged with burglary in the November 15, 2013 incident. An additional charge of aggravated assault has been levied against William Jason Causey, 30, Buckhead.

Williams said Causey allegedly threatened the 39-year-old victim with a knife. Charged are Causey, Jena Tate Morgan Werner, 19, Madison; Taylor Neal Gage, 18, Covington and Christopher Paul McCullough, 18, Madison. Williams said authorities believe Causey and Gage entered the Bostwick Road resident at approximately 11 p.m. by kicking open the front door.

They then allegedly demanded to see the son of the woman and man who resided at the residence. The two walked through the house, with Causey brandishing a knife, and took a small HP laptop computer before leaving. Williams said authorities believe that the group was searching for a video game and game controller that they believed the woman’s 20-year-old son had stolen.

Williams said investigators believe Warner drove the vehicle the group used to leave the residence. Williams said investigators had learned that the son had gotten into a confrontation with some of the group during an October, 2013 party. Morgan County Sheriff Robert Markley said the department had been aggressively pursuing leads in the incident since it occurred.

“They were brazen enough to go into a house that was occupied with a weapon over something as silly as a video game controller. What would they do under other circumstances?” he said.

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