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Atlanta is by far the largest and most influential city in Georgia. In recent years Atlanta has been frequently referred to as the ATL. The Atlanta Hawks have jerseys that simply have ATL across the chest.

This influence has filtered out to our “Small but Special” town as I have heard young people around here referring to Rutledge as the RTL. I like it! The talk of the town has been the cold weather.

The coldest winter in many years has produced lots of days with temperatures not getting out of the 30’s. The cold produces crisp clean air to breathe along with spectacular blue skies during the day leading into star filled nights along with the wolf moon, and the smell of burning fireplaces floating through the air.

Jack Frost, nipping at your nose, has covered the ground and rooftops and now SNOW. January saw the end of a Rutledge landmark.

The building that the Rutledge Grocery Store and the Wing Shack called home came crumbling down this past week. The Rutledge Grocery Store was a great little place to shop with just about anything someone might need in the way of groceries including meat and produce.

I’m sure that just about everyone in Rutledge has shopped at the old grocery store at some time as well as many campers from Hard Labor Creek State Park.

The Wing shack served up wings as good as could be found anywhere. Many mothers have dialed up The Rutledge Mom’s special which included wings, tenders and fries and could feed a family of four. With Neighbor’s Market, Rutledge Crossing, the BP, Dollar General and the great restaurants in town one will never need leave the RTL. The Rutledge United Methodist Church has a brand spanking new parking lot.

The contractors did an excellent job on the paving and striping. The gigantic Christmas tree that was in the City Park has been moved to its permanent home in the new recreation park as the first step in the landscaping effort sponsored by the Rutledge Beautification Committee.

We thank Jack’s Creek for donating the tree and the many people who have supported the Beautification Committee for the past few years during their fundraising efforts. Rutledge is off to a great start in 2014.

Let’s hear it for the RTL!

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