We survived the “AtlantaArtica Snowcolypse” last week!

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Rachel Harper

Rachel Harper

By Rachel Harper, Columnist

Well, we all made it through the snow!!  What a week; but, at least, thank the good Lord above, I was not in Atlanta during all of that!!  What a mess!  It has been called AntantaArtica, Snowcolypse, and a lot of other names we probably shouldn’t repeat!!

I have heard of a few Madison folks that work in Atlanta that were caught in the gridlock though and one of those was Steve Craig, Sara Nell’s husband, who owns his own tractor trailer rig and travels all over the country delivering goods.  This is straight from the “horse’s mouth”, as they say;  It took him 25 hours to go 20 miles and he was stuck in the same spot for 17 hours trying to get to his house on Porter Road.

Don’t you know he was glad to see the lights of home?!!  I have never seen such a fiasco in my life!   It reminded me of all those people trying to leave during Hurricane Katrina several years ago.  To top it off the groundhog saw his shadow, so there will be six more weeks of winter….big surprise!!

It’s been a hard one so far, in my book.  We all extend our sympathy to the family of David Keener who passed away last week after an extended illness.  Mr. Keener and his wife, Eula, came to the Source of Light Ministries several years ago to work there.

The Keeners attended Bethany for some time where he was the song leader for several years.  He had a good, strong voice which he used for the Lord.  I heard that even when he was a patient in the nursing home that he could still sing and  could remember the words to almost every hymn.  It was really ingrained in him.

Our thoughts and prayers are with all of the family at this time. We want to all remember Billy Brewer of Godfrey as he had to be taken to St. Mary’s hospital during this past weekend where he was experiencing some breathing and heart problems and admitted to the ICU there.

We are glad that he has been moved to a regular room as of today.  I believe that Dean Strange had to also be admitted at St. Joseph’s in Atlanta again.  Everyone please pray for healing for these two men, as they both want to get back to their regular lives.

When I was writing about my Aunt Harriette Wade probably being the oldest member of the Methodist Church here in town last week, I, in my oversight, forgot that Kathryn Van Dyke, over on Crawford Road, is indeed, probably the oldest, as she is a year older than Aunt Harriette.

I just forget all these things I am supposed to remember!

These two ladies may be in their mid-nineties, but you would never know it.  I just saw Mrs. Van Dyke in the grocery store the other week, just as spry or sprier than I am!  Scott and Madelyn Porter joined up with Sadie, Jake, and Mary Elizabeth Carver down at Macon where they all attended the Ringling Bros. Barnum and Bailey Circus.  They all had a great time! Shannon Porter and her family hosted a delicious oyster roast for her dad, Buddy Adams, on the occasion of his birthday and his semi-retirement.

Many friends and family were on hand to wish his well. We all want to congratulate Alicia Stephens on her acquiring a new job at the Morgan County Primary School which she started after the Christmas break.  She has been named a para-pro at the school and is loving it.  They are lucky to have her! Raymond and Joan Gilbert enjoyed a visit from their son, Don, of Baxley, on this past Friday.  He brought along his wife, Carole’s, Aunt Eloise Bullard also.  They all enjoyed a nice visit together.

On Saturday, Clay Gilbert,, who is a student at the University in Athens, came down for lunch with his grandparents and a short visit.  Dr. Ray and Becky Gilbert of Watkinsville entertained quite a number of friends and family on this past Sunday afternoon to honor their little daughter, Callie Madison, for her first birthday.

Callie thoroughly enjoyed all her visitors and especially opening all of her gifts with her mother’s help, as well as enjoying tasting her birthday cake.  Her grandmother, Joan, said she just seemed to know that all of this was in her honor and she was the main attraction of the day.  Happy first birthday, Callie! Esther Curry and Ellen Bruce of Monroe went up on this past Sunday to visit Connie and William Zachry in Decatur.

They also went to the Fernbank Museum and to IMAX to see the movie about Jerusalem, which Esther reports was very good.  Ellen and Esther also shopped and had lunch together on this past Saturday.   Sarah Nell and Steve Craig had as their dinner guests on this past Saturday night, Janice and Chuck Philippi, along with Rebekah, Jason, and Grayson Kilpatrick.  I am sure they were entertained by Steve’s sordid tale of the Atlanta gridlock he was personally involved in!

Steve and Sarah Nell Craig also visited Frances Brewer on Sunday afternoon down at The Lake Oconee House. Bethany Baptist Church is planning on having a ladies and girl’s luncheon on Saturday, April 5th at 12:30 in the church’s fellowship hall.

Ruth Ann, the pastor’s wife, is also busy planning a special program for that day, on New Life in Christ.  They would love to have any of you join them.  They do need to have your RSVP’s by March 15 in order to plan.  You may RSVP to bbcmadisonga@gmail.com.    I will try to send reminders along about this.

The Ventrello’s have set up a website for the church which is very informative and gives a lot of information it and a calendar as to upcoming services, the history of the church, the missionaries they support, etc.  It is at bethanybaptistofmadisonga.wordpress.com.  The Women’s Church Fellowship will meet this coming Monday, February 10, at 7p.m. in the fellowship hall.  Mrs. David Kindness from SOLM will be in charge of the program.

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