Storms are not sent for retribution but for restoration

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Margie Ward

Margie Ward

By Margie Ward, Columnist

Sunday morning attendance for worship service was good with visitors present. We are thankful they chose our church to come and visit. We the members are always blessed by their presence and we pray they were encouraged and blessed as well and will come again and be with us anytime we have service.

Bro. Ron gave the welcome and opening prayer. The call to worship “Be exalted oh God.” Special in song by Pastor Ron “God of All.” Kittie Mayfield played a “medley of Old Hymns” on the accordion. The choir special was “Thank you Father for giving your Son.”

Bro. Ron continued his message on Jonah. Jonah’s commission was to go to Nineveh. The path of Jonah was a disappointment, downward because of disobedience to God and disastrous, rebellion is simply saying no to God, disobeying God always affects others. God sends storms in the lives of His people.

Storms are not sent for retribution but for restoration, when Christians turn away it is usually from indifference, unconcerned, become hard hearted to those hurting for many reasons. As a church are we ready to reach out to others?

God has a will for our church, community and county to reach lost people for Him. Like Jonah many run and hide but God knows who and where they are.

On Sunday night at 6 pm. attendance was good for evening service.

Bro. Ron started a study on “A strategy for Church Growth” Have a vision – Proverbs 29:18a Saturday the Women’s Ministry meeting was held at Brownwood Community building with seven ladies present We opened with prayer, enjoyed food and fellowship, had prayer requests and announcements then saw two videos “God is stronger than my struggle” and “God is stronger than my bad news” by Angela Thomas.

This was a very good program. Those attending were Brenda McAdams, Elaine McClure, Sara Jones, Janice Cronic, Dot Stewart, Janice Jenkins and Margie Ward. On Sunday, Feb. 2 Peggy Harper, Christy Brown, Brandon and Gail Grubbs attended the funeral of Junior Grubbs (Peggy’s brother-in-law) Anniston, Alabama.

Vernon Mullin and Toy Sims from Brownwood attended the Association Brotherhood Supper and meeting Thursday night at Centennial Baptist Church. Margie Ward visited Mary Jo Collins Friday at Senior Solutions at Social Circle.

Mary Jo celebrated her 79th birthday on that day.

The Morgan County Baptist Association Senior Adult Banquet will be held Saturday, Feb. 22 at Gibbs Memorial Baptist Church at 6:30 p.m. Bring a covered dish filled with your favorite food. Also bring a friend or an unchurched friend.

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