AARP will complete your taxes for free on March 11

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Powerful Tools for Caregivers is a FREE workshop for anyone who is in the role of providing services and oversight to those needing extra help at home.  These sessions are for those caring for an elderly friend or loved one, or those caring for the younger generation.

The Area Agency on Aging recognizes the importance of supporting and providing resources to help caregivers, and is offering a six week learning opportunity for Caregivers in our community.

Topics will include making tough decisions, reducing stress levels, and learning about resources available to help caregivers do their jobs.

Morgan County Senior Center is proud to host these classes which will begin on Wednesday, February 19 at 2p.m. and go until March 26.

The sessions are 90 minutes long, and all workshop materials are included.  Please consider being a part of this opportunity to learn to care for yourself while you care for others.

You can express  your interest by calling (706)342-1614 to find out more and enroll. We have an exciting week of campaigning and voting for our Mr. and Mrs. Sweetheart.

We have six contestants for the two spots, and this will make for an interesting week.  We will have our Valentine party Friday and serve our homemade soup and cornbread for the occasion – along with our famous punchbowl cake.

Please make plans to come by calling in and reserving a spot. We lost two fine friends recently in the passing of Faye Payne and Dave Keener.  Both had been in declining health, but came here as long as they could.

Our thoughts, prayers, and sympathy are extended to the loved ones who stood by them so faithfully.   Our Family Ties Group celebrated Valentine’s Day a little early with a delicious meal and treats hosted by the Apalachee Baptist Church on Monday evening the 10th.

We had a good turnout for the chicken and real mashed potatoes and fixin’s meal, then had an educational segment, before a word of encouragement from Alan Cagle, the pastor of the church.

If you have temporary or permanent guardianship or custody of a child under 18, please consider being a member of this group – no fees or dues involved.

Lastly, AARP will be here on March 11 to complete your taxes electronically and for free.  Please get your paperwork together and take advantage of this service.  Again you can call us at the number above, or drop in if you have questions.

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