DiLetto wants to create city “Business Review Board”

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By Tia Lecorchick staff writer

City Councilman Joe DiLetto introduced a proposal to create a Business Review Board at the Mayor and Council Retreat in Athens, Ga. last week.

The board would take on an advisory role for incoming new businesses to Madison or existing businesses who want support, feedback, or advice.

According to DiLetto, the board would relay Madison’s business policies to potential and current business owners seeking guidance, regarding location, business plan, signage, zoning and any other circumstances relative to compatibility within the city and success of the business.

DiLetto’s proposal described the purpose of the board “to aid staff in creating smooth process to become integral part of the business community, creating a business friendly process” and “to act as a sounding board for existing businesses which want advice or feedback.”

“It would be a tool,” said Chris Hodges, city council member.

“Another excellent service Madison provides for our community.”

Other council members expressed concerns over the perception that a Business Review Board would create.

“Madison is already sometime perceived as not very business friendly,” said Blanton. “We wouldn’t want to add to that perception.”

“The last thing we would want to do is hold up someone who wants to rent a property or start a business,” said David Nunn, Madison city manager.

DeLitto stressed that the board would not be mandatory for business owners to go through, but that it would be strongly suggested.

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