Here We Snow Again!

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By Patrick Yost Editor

On Tuesday the Morgan County School system announced, well ahead of predicted devastating ice and snow storms, that school on Wednesday and Thursday was cancelled.

The Georgia State Patrol, according to Sgt. Justin Howard, had called in all personnel to be on duty at midnight on Tuesday in preparation for a colossal storm.

Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal had declared a state of emergency. And, according to a wide spectrum of weather predictions, Madison and Morgan County were a bullseye in a predicted catastrophic weather event.

On Tuesday night the Weather Channel was predicting a “crippling ice storm imminent” for Morgan County and much of Georgia.

The National Weather Service was predicting freezing rain and sleet on Tuesday night with wind gusts as high as 20 mph and an accumulation of ice between one–tenth to three–tenths of an inch.

On Wednesday, the weather service was predicting, another fierce round of winter weather with another round of freezing rain with ice accumulation of between four–tenths of an inch to six–tenth’s of an inch with wind gusts as high as 25 mph.

Wednesday night was to bring more snow of up to two inches and another one–tenth to three–tenths of an inch of ice.

Along with the dire weather predictions, both Georgia Power and Walton EMC were warning customers of the likely possibility of a loss of electrical power due to ice damaged trees.

“The National Weather Service (said) that we could see the most significant ice storm in 10 to 20 years. If this comes true, you can expect widespread power outages with the severity and duration dependent on the thickness of ice,” a press release from Walton EMC stated.

“Rest assured that your cooperative is planning and preparing and will do its best to restore power as quickly as possible in the event of a widespread outage. If ice totals approach a quarter to half an inch or more, with possible complications for impassable roads, you should be prepared for a multi–day outage event,” the release stated.

The storm was expected to relax its grip on Friday, with highs expected in the low 50s with the high on Saturday in the low 50s and on Sunday in the low 60s.

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