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To The Editor

Rolly and I bought a house in the Historic district in 1978. We are still around Madison and want to stay . . . we have a business we started in 1999 when we both retired from Delta Airlines.

We have seen many changes in this area and there will be more changes, some good some not so good.

Our downtown area use to be available to the local folks: two grocery stores, barber shop, cleaners . . . now all these are gone to the “strip.” Downtown depends on tourism is on the way out! I think this community should take a look at itself.

We need to go to City Council meetings and listen to what they talk about for our community. I feel the former should not cut off all comments from the audience when they want to speak. The microphones should be turned UP so old people like me can hear what the council members say when they are discussing the agenda items.

This is America and our forefathers had strong feelings and love for this country . . . they gave their lives for us. The city does not fly the flags downtown every day – only on not holidays! Everyday someone comments on the little flag posted on the front of our downtown store.

We need to take stock of our community and how we feel about it. I urge all of you to stand up and look around you. This is our community and we should not let it slip away from us.

Sheri Clark

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