MCHS varsity soccer kicks off their season in Lamar County

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Ricky Mendez takes a shot on the goal.

Ricky Mendez takes a shot on the goal.

By Leila Dycus, Reporter Intern

The MCHS Varsity Soccer team kicked off their season with a long road trip to Lamar County this week. On Monday Feb 10 the MCHS Varsity soccer team traveled to Lamar County to take on Pike.

The teams have been practicing hard and were ready to kick off the season. The girls began their game at 5:30. The ladies started off their game showing their communication skills by constantly talking to each other.

Early on in the first half the Bulldogs got a penalty kick. The effort was successful as Captain Anslyn Stamps put in the first point of the game on the board.

The Bulldogs continued to show their skills as they passed the ball well up and down the field. With four minutes left to go in the first half, Morgan County Coach Anne Stamps encouraged her girls to dig in. In the second half Pike scored early to tie the game. After staying tied for most of the game Morgan County worked hard to surpass the Pirates.

However, Pike scored again, leading them to a win over the Bulldogs, 2 to 1. As the temperature began to drop the boys took the field. The Bulldog team came out strong, resulting in a MCHS score early on in the first.

A big block by Morgan County goalie Matthew Cantero kept the Dogs in the lead. Pike then put a point on the board, but Morgan quickly answered with another goal.

The second half featured injuries to players on both teams stopping the clock multiple times. A subbing penalty on Morgan in the second half kept one of their points from making it on to the board. Late into the second half the Bulldogs scored again to bring the lead to 3-1.

The Pirates would go on to score again, but, in the end, the MCHS Bulldogs pulled out the win over Pike, 3 to 2. The MCHS varsity soccer teams play again today in Oglethorpe County at 5:30 for the girls’ game and 7:30 for the boys’ game.

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