MCMS Hoop Dogs take PAC championship in Monticello

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Anthony Cooper goes for a jump shot despite being surrounded by Purple Hurricane defenders in Monticello last Saturday.

Anthony Cooper goes for a jump shot despite being surrounded by Purple Hurricane defenders in Monticello last Saturday. Photo by J. Walker

By Leila Dycus News Intern

The stands were packed Saturday with fans from across the area there to cheer their respected teams to victory in the 2014 Piedmont Area Conference Basketball Championship.

Monticello may have gone into the championship game in the number one spot with home court advantage but the MCMS Bulldogs were not going to let them have without a fight.

On Saturday Feb 8 at 6:30 MCMS took on the Jasper County Hurricanes in the 2014 Piedmont Area Conference Basketball Championship.

The jump ball at the start of the first quarter sent possession to the Bulldogs. Number 14 Yusuf Baig was the first to put points on the scoreboard for MCMS.

However, Monticello quickly answers. The first quarter featured foul shots by Phillip Webb, and Quintavious Williams.

Williams also put a two point shot on the board. By the end of the first MCMS lead the Canes 7 to 6. In the second Morgan County came out strong scoring two shots.

The quarter would allow MCMS players Jordan Huff and Phillip Webb to put in big scored.

The intensity grew as the two teams went into the half tied at 16. Coach Franklin said that event though the team lost their seven-point lead during the second quarter he still felt that they were in control of the game.

During the half Coach Franklin encouraged the team to stick to the defensive plan they had, as the team made a few adjustments based on how Monticello was playing.

After half time, the Bulldogs came out determined and it showed. They were the first to score in the third. Williams again put points on the board and so did Anthony Cooper giving the Dogs back the lead at the end of the third 21 to 18.

As the cheerleaders called encouraged the teams to “fire it up” they did just that. After a foul shot, Monticello came back to tie the game in the forth. However, the Bulldogs answered with a score before Monticello would again tie the game.

The forth quarter would prove to be one of a lot of foul shots for MCMS. Tremon Moore, Baig, and Alec Woodard would all score free throws taking the Bulldogs score to 33 and earning them the win over the Canes 33 to 27.

Coach Franklin pointed out how well Williams played through out the game controlling the paint on defense and playing extremely well on offense.

He went on to say that Jordan Huff played a great game controlling the tempo of the game and not allowing Monticello to speed up the game like they wanted too.

Overall, Coach Franklin was very proud of how different players came into the game and kept with the flow of the game. As the disappointed Monticello fans began to leave the gym the MCMS Bulldogs were presented with their trophy.

Coach Franklin said that he was proud of how the boys came together in the most important game of the season. The win over Monticello proved their hard work and determination through out the season had earned them the top honor. Coach Franklin was most proud of the team’s commitment on and off the court.

He pointed out how hard the boys worked through tutoring and in the classroom. He also said that the team’s devotion to practicing on off days and holidays played an important role in their success this season.

This season Coach Franklin said that the team really grew up which showed even in the way that they carried themselves like gentlemen in the halls of the school. Coach Franklin wants to thank all the parents for their support, help, donations and volunteer work. He also wants to take the teachers and faculty and staff for their dedication and support of the students.

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