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A Tribute to My Friend and Brother Deacon Elie Carter

From the Madison Rams

During the homecoming service and remarks given everyone talked about love and greatness for sports. How well he played the game, which was so true. Elie and his brother Horace were one of the best players that ever played the game of baseball.

I can remember the last game that Elie played. If for a moment use your imagination. It is the bottom of the ninth ending. It’s two outs and we are down by one run. There are two men on base and guess who is coming up to bat? Well you guessed correctly. Elie.

Well there have seen a slight change in the line up. Elie asked God to pinch-hit for him. Knowing that his health was failing he did not want to let his teammates and his family down. God said yes my son so Elie put the bat in God’s hand.

We all know that when we turn our life over to God you will always be a winner. Elie did not take himself out of the game he just asked God to take over. He knew the road was getting rough.

When the pitcher threw a blazing fast ball in that pitch was Elie’s whole life from the day he was born through his whole career from the first day at school, graduation, all the jobs, singing with so many groups such as the Rising Son and the late rockers.

Traveling up and down the highways many days and nights to take care of his family but he had to put it in God’s hands. The swing of the bat, a homerun.

When the ball left the park up through the clouds in the heavens the Lord turned and looked at Elie with a smile and said I pinched hit for you but my son you will have to run for yourself, but remember I will be with you all the way.

Elie started off with a little trot then a light limp around the bases with everyone cheering such as Mobil Chemical, Rising Sons, his team mates and most of all his family. As he rounded the third base for home he knew he was not coming home but going home!

As he stepped on home plate he asked God can I have the game ball? God looked at him and smiled and said sure my son it belongs to you anyway. The ball went into heaven. Elie knew just where it was. He trotted off to get the game ball. He looked over at Mag, Ballarie, Ken and his grandson, family and friends with the old familiar smile and with a twinkle in his eye.

He smiled and winked. Elie had no intention of coming back this way. He went to get the game ball and his crown. In Second Timothy 4:7- “I have fought a good fight I have finished the course. I have kept the faith there is a crown laid up for me right beside the game ball.” We will miss you Elie (Goose) Carter. With Love, Your friend and brother R B Lewis

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