Ok, I’m ready for this weather to clear out and leave . . . Again!

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Mae Buice

Mae Buice

By Mae Buice

WHAT!!!!  Snow on Tuesday. It’s nice for maybe an hour but I hope it skips over us. I know the school kids would love a “snow day” vacation. And that’s the way I opened my last news column.

I pray this is not a repeat of that week. The kids will have to go to school half the summer to make up these days. Me???  I AM ready for a little spring weather. Seems most of our sick are all better.

It was rough in many households for a few weeks. Alice Waddell is still sick and our prayers go out for her healing. With a nice crowd Butch brought his message from the great book of Isaiah 40:12-26. Looking through the eyes of God, his deepest intention is for all to go smoothly with us.  But we don’t trust God enough.

What can compare with God? We look through our eyes, we want to do things our way. Remember, we belong to the Great Creator.   We had a good service on Sunday night, also with a nice crowd to hear a message from John 14: 1-6.    We always enjoy our visitors and pray they received a blessing.

We had a very productive Ladies Meeting last week, making many plans for the up coming months ahead. One we are already making plans is for the dedication of the new church in April and another for our annual chicken barbecue.

Mark your calendar for that event.  April 26th at the BBQ Shelter at Heritage Park.  Tickets will be available within the week.

As most of you that have purchased our BBQ plates, we always have some of the best chicken around and usually our best fund raiser. It’s for a good cause. Butch is planning to teach Witnessing Classes soon. Those details will follow as soon as they are complete.

We send our sympathy to Lark Bargo in the unexpected death of his wife Dorothy Bargo.   Dot and Lark were our neighbors here on Blue Springs Drive for about 25 years,  moving to the Covington area four to five years ago.

Betty and I had a standing date with her for many Monday mornings for coffee. Her memorial service is this Saturday,  February 15 at 1p.m. at Crossroads Baptist Church in Covington. Gayle and Jimmy Holmes (our daughter) celebrated their 36th wedding anniversary by taking a week end trip North.

They visited her sister,  Jill and Mark Luciani at their property in Caswell County, NC,  then ventured on over the line to Danville,Virginia, visiting with Chuck and Leah Arwood, spending the night with them.

Please remember Jessie Comans,  the Walker family,  Alice Waddell,  O.L. Jordan, Judy Cottrell,  and Lou, Patsy Green, so many of our members are hurting. Pray for them. Chelsea Stacy has graduated from Toccoa Falls Institute with many honors.

There was a graduation party for her recently. Hope to have some information on her soon and I will pass on.

Congratulations to you, Miss Chelsea.

With this weather that is being predicted,  please stay off the dangerous roads as much as possible. Protect yourself from the exposure of the elements.

Remember Valentine’s Day on Friday. Be sure to tell your Sweetie you love him or her.

Happy belated birthday to Mary Beacham and Jerry Cottrell on the 4th.  Maddison Busbee on the 5th. Jared Jackson turned the big “18” on the 8th.   Belated anniversary to Kim and Rusty Johnson on the 5th.

Happy birthday to Ruby Guinn today (Monday).  Jed Smith on the 14th,  Alice Waddell the 17th.  Blessings for my neighbor Sue Crowley who will celebrate the 12th. So until next week may the Lord bless you real good.

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