Watch out for those snow babies!

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Rachel Harper

Rachel Harper

By Rachel Harper

It is unbelievable, but they are forecasting another batch of snow and ice!  Don’t you know the governor and Mayor Reed of Atlanta just want to crawl under something and hibernate until this winter is over!!

Another “by-product” (if you will!!) of all the snow and ice storms are BABIES!!!!  From all this weather, there is going to be a bumper crop this fall!  I have a good friend, Hope Delaigle Collier, who works in labor and delivery at St. Mary’s in Athens.

She says whenever something like this hits, the first thing they do on that floor at the hospital is count up nine months from now and circle that date in RED on the calendar.

She says it never fails.  Something about getting snowed in, etc, etc, etc,  and before you know it……yep!!!!  She tells me stories of this happening all the time …to couples who have tried and tried to have a baby to couples who already have three or more and then they find out another one is on the way.

She has more stories than “Carter’s has pill’s, as the saying goes.  I love to hear them!  They’re going to have to call in more help for this fall!   Don’t worry all you HIPPA regulators out there; she doesn’t tell me any names!

The labor and delivery floor is quite an interesting floor!  We’re glad that Billy Brewer in Godfrey was able to come home on last Friday.  Dean Strange was also able to come home from his last stint in the hospital.  Pray that both of these men will continue to recuperate.

Fay Walters has had to spend some time in the hospital in Athens, but seems to be getting better, so hopefully, she will be able to come home this week.  Larry Jordan is also in the hospital and has had to have some procedures done.

Please remember Fay and Larry in your prayers in the coming days.  Sally Stephens is progressing good with her broken wrist.  She was placed in a much smaller removable cast this past week and she will begin her hand therapy this coming week.  She is still hindered, but is making slow and steady progress.

We have a lot of birthdays in the community to tell you about! We all want to wish Olena Eaton a very Happy Birthday as she celebrated her 86 this past week.  On Thursday night, around 45 – 50 of the Eaton family all gathered down at Bonner’s Restaurant in Buckhead for her birthday celebration and to offer their good wishes.  She enjoyed seeing everyone!  Happy Birthday, Olena!

We also want to wish Rylee and Harper Bruce a very Happy Birthday as they turned two years old on this past Saturday.   Their parents entertained them with a “Monkey” birthday party on Saturday at their home here on Baldwin Dairy Road for family and friends.

They received a nice playset for their birthday and these two “birthday monkeys” will really enjoy climbing and playing on it, I know.  They love it outside!  Happy Birthday, Rylee and Harper!

Happy Birthday also goes out to Reagan Nash, daughter of Sarah and Roland Nash, on Seven Islands Road.  She celebrated with friends at a skating party at the Got-2-B-Rollin’ Skate Rink in Buckhead.

Reagan was one of the girls involved in the accident last year, but she is doing very good.  Allie, her sister, also got to go to the party.  She is making great strides in her recovery and in her therapy.

Praise the Lord!  We also want to wish Mary and Frank Eaton a very Happy Anniversary as they celebrated 57 years of marriage on this past Sunday!  We wish them many more! We offer Raegan Wilkins congratulations as she came in at eighth place overall at the USA Sports Festival at the Classic Center in Athens on this past Saturday.

There were some stiff competition.  Julia Gay Sabbadino of Greenville, SC was here for a long weekend visiting her family this past weekend.  On Friday, she, Bunnie Schmitt, Janice Philippi, and I met for lunch and afterwards Bunnie, Julie Gay, and Blanche Wilson visited Frances Brewer down at The Lake Oconee House.

Sarah Nell Craig also had as her guests this past weekend, her granddaughters, Peyton, Meri and Elise Kenney of Acworth.  On Sunday, they and Julia Gay attended services at Trinity Baptist Church on Sunday morning.

Everyone enjoyed seeing the cute girls! Nancy and Terry Mitchell and George and Becky Haley were among the guests Frances Brewer had this past week.  On Thursday night, the children of the late John Haley’s all met for dinner at the Cracker Barrel Restaurant here in Madison.

They were George and Becky Haley of Stockbridge, Janice and Robert Haley of Conyers, Dwight and Dorothy Eaton of Eatonton, and James Melvin and Inez Brewer of Buckhead.

Dan and Sally Porter traveled to Acworth on Saturday where they were able to see their granddaughter, Michaelah Porter and her team play in a soccer tournament.  They said they got to see some good soccer playing!

Aaron and Stephanie Kenny were also able to come and watch a game since the fields were very close to their house.  Dan and Sally’s grandson, Jake Carver, and his dad, Richard, went on a school trip to the Space Camp in Huntsville, AL. last week which they really enjoyed.

We want to congratulate Allison McClain Thompson here in our neighborhood as she has joined the real estate team of Madison Realty here in town.  We wish her a successful endeavor with this!

We also want to congratulate Sandra and Jerry Brown’s granddaughter, Sarah Lynne Gregg, as she has been accepted into Mercer Law School at Macon.  Sarah is the daughter of Ginny and Joe Gregg of Monroe and is currently a student at North Georgia College.

Bethany Baptist had to cancel their Sunday School time on Sunday morning as a skunk had made its presence known underneath the church and it was very unbearable!

They held Sunday services in the fellowship hall.  I have heard this morning that they did catch him or her in a trap they had set.  Hopefully that will be the end of that!

The joys of country living!!  The Fairview Club will meet on Wednesday, Feb. 19, at the home of Fay Hill, whose house is on Ponder Pines Road at 2p.m.  We all look forward to that.

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