Everyone needs a blessing

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Willie Ann Johnson

Willie Ann Johnson

Nursing Home Ministry

By Willie Ann Johnson, Columnist

I’m so grateful for things as well as they are, the weather. We could be like the people up North where the weather is much worst than we had. I pray they will soon get some relief.

I want complain. Saturday the sun was so bright, windy and cold but nice. We were few in number but God knows. Some had to work. I thanked God when I saw Linda coming in. She drove from Eatonton. Evangelist Stokes and I carried the ministry on letting God take control.

We had a wonderful time with Sis. Hazel and Bro. Tommy helping us out with singing Guess what? Sis. Hazel and Bro. Tommy had been practicing singing together and they sang and did a good job.

Believe it or not they did most of our singing. Evangelist Stokes brought the word from Psalms 121, “Always be encouraged in the Word.” When you are down and out pick up your Bible and read a scripture from the Lord and be encouraged. Praise God. I did a reading on “Everyone needs a Blessing” by Joyce Meyer.

That is so true. I know I stand in the need of a blessing so I can continue to keep encouraging others. Until next third Saturday remember: We do not need self-confidence we need God confidence. – Proverb 3: 5-6

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