Snow memories with me and my two brothers at Christmas

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Betty Moore, Columnist

We send our sympathy to the family of Richard Turner who passed away from leukemia. He lived at White Plains but Edna Smith from Swords was his aunt. He had cousins and uncles here.

The funeral was at Mt. Stephens Baptist Church at White Plains on February 17 with interment at the church cemetery. The Rev. Garner and the Rev. Eugene Bess were the pastors.

The Rev. Garner is a former pastor of the church there and was a good friend of Richard’s. The Rev. Garner is pastor of the Buckhead Baptist Church.

Mr. Tanner’s granddaughter Anna Rose, who is three years old, said she was going to give the mail carrier a letter for her granddaddy whom she called “Tater”.

She would get the letter to Jesus for her granddaddy. So sweet! Tim called me to let everyone know that on Saturday, Feb. 22 at 5 p.m. the skate rink at Buckhead gym will open for wrestling.

The wrestling will begin at 6 p.m. You pay $8 per adult. Children 6-12 years old pay $5; those under 5 years old come free. One dollar will be donated from each ticket to the city of Buckhead as in the past.

The Beacon Heights Baptist Church will have their Valentine banquet February 21. Those from here will go. Macie Alliston had a birthday on January 3. A belated happy birthday, Marcie! Buckhead Baptist Church had their Valentine banquet.

They enjoyed it very much. Well the headlines in the paper lately have been about snow. Now what do you think? We’ve had an earthquake down here! Of course it was wide spread but we were nearer to it here. I kept napping and with our cat and dog running through the house it vibrates anyway. I don’t know if we felt it. We have a mini earthquake every day with them running and ripping.

So, who knows? Alvin and Laura Richardson, Dewey Richardson and Ben Whidby went to Conyers to meet with Alvin and Laura’s two daughters to have supper. So, along with Lucy and Lindsey they all had a great time! Don’t forget the singing on the last Sunday night of the month at the Lake Oconee Baptist Chapel.

Time is creeping up for the April 5 “Old Buckhead Days,” at 10 a.m. Don’t forget that day of good times. We want everybody there that can possibly be there for a fun day. Mark your calendar now. More details later. The snow and sleet that we had recently reminded me of times when I was a young girl.

I believe that it must have been about 1940. It snowed and it froze in the ground. It cracked under our feet as we walked outside. We didn’t go out unless we had to. That was if we had to go to the “out” house. We had one pair of boots. We all had to wear them out there.

The time came that we needed more wood. Instead of hitching the mule to the wagon B.T. and Charlie hitched to the sled that Daddy had made years ago when we grew cotton.

Daddy made the sled with tin on the bottom where it would slide good. With cotton in the field we had the small sled there in no time, to pick up the bags of cotton. Mama let me get all wrapped up to go with them to cut the wood down on Hard Labor Creek where we lived in the house that was later Rev. Ghann’s house.

We were all excited to be riding a sled down through the pasture with hard snow and ice on the ground. It felt like it was a Christmas experience. The poor mule had a time pulling on the ice but she did well to get us there. At my age now I can see how dangerous it was but at the time we got down at the creek we all three walked on the ice to the other side. This snow had been on the ground for three weeks.

There very well could have been thin places. But, thank God it held all of us up! The water was frozen solid! Charlie was 16, B.T. was 14 and I was 10. They could swim but I couldn’t. After playing, going up and down the creek over to the other side and sliding on the ice the boys finally decided that it was time to get the saw going. They found their tree.

They got their saw. Charlie had one side B.T. had the other. They pulled the saw back and forth until the tree was down. Then it had to be sawed into the correct lengths.

Then another tree until there was enough wood. Once they were back at the house they had to cut some “lightard” (some fat pine kindling) to help start a fire when you have green wood. What a great afternoon it was for Betty and her two brothers down on Hard Labor Creek on some hard ice like we had never seen before and probably not seen since.

And God was so good to have taken good care of three young people who didn’t know better than to play several hours on the ice.

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