What a mess all those diverted tractor-trailor trucks made

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Rachel Harper

Rachel Harper

By Rachel Harper, Columnist

What a difference a week makes!  This morning the sun is shining and we have a promise of a beautiful week!  The daffodils are beginning to bloom and in walking around the yard yesterday afternoon, the golden-belles and the bridal spirea are beginning to swell with buds.

Sally gave me a Christmas honeysuckle from Grandma’s yard and it is in full bloom.  Sally and I learned quite a lot about flowers while working on the book; it made us go walk around Sally’s house and get her Mama, Aunt Harriette, to tell us where this bush or plant was that Grandma had wrote about.

We’re trying to do better!  All of this winter weather has made the schoolchildren have lots of “snow days,” which they love and then this week they have the whole week off for winter break.  Karalynn, Raegan, and Maggie are here this morning and the game of the day is playing “hotel.”

They have gotten some luggage down out of the attic, made Do Not Disturb sign for all the doors, set up a hotel lobby in the den at the desk and have even got an old camera they found set up on the hall-tree in the hall for a security camera!  They are having a ball!

I am washing and folding clothes and making up the bed, so I told them, I will just be the maid and carry on as usual!  And as I am finishing up this column…they have packed them up some chips and crackers and have headed off down to the woods on this pretty day for a new adventure!

As if all this winter weather isn’t enough on Saturday night, most of us felt the earthquake, although I didn’t know what it was at the time!  Who would have “thunk” it??  Most of us Mama’s have read Winnie the Pooh books to our children and grandchildren and I loved reading about all of the characters.

On Facebook this past week, a little saying from Eeyore, who is the sad donkey and which everything is gloom and doom most of the time, said, “It’s snowing still; and freezing.  However, he said, brightening up a little, we haven’t had an earthquake lately.”

Well, lo and behold, we did!  As if all of that wasn’t enough, right after the other ice and snow, on Monday during the late afternoon, we here on Baldwin Dairy Road, noticed all these tractor-trailer trucks as well as the regular traffic was starting to get backed up.

We heard that there had been a bad wreck involving a tractor trailer on I-20 between the Buckhead and Greensboro exits and they were detouring I-20 traffic through Buckhead and here to Baldwin Dairy.  Well, as the night wore on, every time I would look out our windows, all you could see were lights, lights, and more lights until everything came to a complete standstill.

Every once in a while, the traffic would ease on a little bit, but not much.  It was just like you saw on the news in Atlanta during that awful ice storm and traffic jam; just like that.  I was up and down, up and down, checking on it, until finally I just called communications and told them that they needed to send someone out here to help; traffic was backed up and was just at a bottleneck.

I don’t know whether they did or not; I think they were trying to direct traffic up at the bypass.  What a mess!  It lasted until  midnight or 1a.m.  And then, the next morning, it came to light that all of that heavy traffic had completely torn up Baldwin Dairy Road in several places; tore it up to the bare dirt!  So, I have heard that the county is out this morning working on our road.

They have a mess!  We have had enough calamities to last us a while.  We want to continue to remember Fay Walters in our prayers as she is still having serious health issues and will most likely be moved here to the transitional unit at Morgan Memorial soon.  Please also remember Terrell Jackson in your prayers as he is experiencing some serious health issues also.

We all want to extend our sympathy to the family of Ethel Atkinson as she passed away at her home on last Tuesday afternoon.  She was 96 years old.  She had a wonderful, bubbling personality who loved  and lived life to the fullest.  She loved her family and enjoyed spending time with all of them.  She was also named Miss Buckhead in 1936!   Our thoughts and prayers are with her daughter, Carol Cross and Lawrence and their daughter, Carey Cross Jones and her boys and their families.

She will be missed.  We want to extend congratulations to Alex Trice as he graduated from U.S. Marine Boot Camp last week at Parris Island, South Carolina.   Todd and Donna Trice with their family, Larry and Maxine Bruce and other family members attended the ceremony as well as family day prior to that.

Congratulations, Alex, on a job well done.  He is on a short leave and is awaiting his further orders.  We also want to congratulate Sandra and Jerry Brown as they are the proud great-grandparents of little Gracie Nicole, who was born to Richie Davis’ daughter, Stephanie in Gainesville this past week.

She joins her big sister, Rossa, who is 3 years old and loves her little sister to death!  Congratulations to everyone! Will Porter showed his dairy heifers in Eatonton on this past Saturday at the Briar Patch Classic.  He received 2 second places and a first place.

Good job!  He, along with other 4-H and FFA members, will travel down to Perry this coming week for the Georgia Junior Livestock Show.  We certainly wish all of these young people good luck! Lee, Gail, and Trey Eaton traveled down to Tifton on this past Saturday where they toured the ABAC campus.

Trey is a high school senior this year and he has picked ABAC college as the school he is planning on attending next year.  William and Gloria Crew had all of their children for Sunday lunch on this past Sunday. After all the ice and snow and sickness some of us had, Blanche and Jake Wilson along with all of our children all came for Sunday lunch this past Sunday here at our house.  It was good to get together.

Rocky and Jeanie Acord and their family are enjoying having Christopher Nelson, Anna Leigh’s friend  from Connecticut, visit them this week.  On Sunday, they all enjoyed attending the Ringling Barnum and Bailey’s Circus in Atlanta.  Marty and Connie Wilson traveled down to Statesboro this past weekend where they visited with the Stewart Thigpen’s.  Connie stayed on for a few more days.

Jane McGinnis of St. Augustine, Fla. was up in this area and Monticello this past weekend and this week.  On Monday, some of the Cronic cousins along with Blanche Wilson all met at Cracker Barrel for a “cousin’s lunch. Jack and Max Leo from Grayson spent part of their long President’s Day weekend with their grandparent’s. Tommy and Raynor Cathey of Buckhead.  They  especially enjoyed swimming at the Aquatics Center here and also going to see the new “Lego” movie.  They really liked the surprise ending of the movie.

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