Buckhead to move forward with $10k ‘safety playground’ project

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By Tia Lynn Lacorchick staff writer The Buckhead City Council voted to accept Gary Timberlake’s bid to install safety playground zones in Buckhead’s city park in order to comply with the federal park standards of the American Disabilities Act (ADA). The renovations will cost about $9,500 and will come out of Buckhead’s Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax (SPLOST). Buckhead Mayor Ricky Walker was eager to move forward on renovating the city’s park to meet ADA standards. “When we set up our SPLOST account last year, we put provisions in it to update the city park. We already set aside the money to get this done,” said Walker. Buckhead Mayor Walker is confident in Timberlake’s ability to do the job. Timberlake is a park inspector and owner of Timberlake Outdoors, Inc.. “He comes highly recommended,” said Walker. “I think he is giving us a fair price on everything and the project will be completed by time Buckhead Days get here.” “What we are doing here in Buckhead is a small job compared to what he does in other counties for larger schools and government facilities,” explained Walker. The council unanimously voted to approve Timberlake to renovate the park. Timberlake and his crew will rearrange swings and monkey bars because their current arrangement violates ADA safety standards. “The monkey bars are too close to a tree. The danger is the child using the monkey bars to get up into a tree,” said Cheryl Saffold, city clerk. Timberlake will also clear a pathway into the park that is wheelchair accessible and add 75 cubic yards worth of mulch throughout the park. “Right now it’s all grass, but the ADA requires a certain depth of mulch in accordance to the ratio of the height of equipment and park structures,” explained Saffold. “This is a safety issue,” said Robin Bone, city council member. “We have to get this done.” “It will be a completely finished product when he’s through with it,” said Walker.

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