CDC approves Mannington expansion plans

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By Nick Nunn staff writer Mannington Mills’ plans for a 45,000 square foot facility expansion at 1421 Amtico Road, Madison, passed under the eye of Madison’s Corridor Design Commission (CDC) during a called meeting last Friday, Feb. 14. Pending administrative approval on a couple of aesthetic details, the CDC approved the plans. Madison Planning Director Monica Callahan explained that the Madison City Council recently passed a zoning amendment to allow for the height of Mannington’s build-out. Specifically, the amendment allowed the height of unmanned sections of a building to extend to 75 feet. A portion of Mannington’s expanded facility will be slightly higher than 66 feet, in order to accommodate manufacturing equipment. CDC Chair Sonny Pennington asked Jim Cross, who represented Mannington Mills at the meeting, if exterior materials for the addition will match the exterior of the existing building. Cross stated that the exterior would match, later stating that, “we want everything to look the same, the most as possible. The CDC was also concerned with the appearance of four silos, which will be located next to the addition and will be 14 feet in diameter and 60 feet tall. Pennington expressed a wish that the silos appear to be either stainless steel, colored to match the building, or colored in earth tones. The CDC also indicated that, should a dike surrounding the base of the silos become necessary, it should also match the external appearance of the building. The CDC also approved of additional parking to be built in front of the building, which would doubling the amount of parking typically allowed. Callahan stated that allowing the additional parking would be “more conductive for traffic safety” since it would separate standard vehicular traffic from the heavy-truck traffic. “We do like to see that separation occur,” said Callahan. Another mitigating factor for the CDC was the physical shape and landscaping features of the lot, which prevent effective parking lots from being placed elsewhere on the property. To make the proposed additional parking lot more compliant with the city’s ordinances, the CDC asked that four parking lot islands be inserted into the current plans in order to break up the contiguous parking spots to fewer than eight in a row. The CDC also asked that landscaping vegetation be planted in the parking islands, and that the islands be appropriately irrigated. Cross indicated that none of these conditions would be a problem. With the landscaping details, along with the color of the silos and dike, being delegated to administrative approval, the CDC voted to unanimously to approve of Mannington’s plans.

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