Historic Commission makes approvals

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By Nick Nunn staff writer The Historic Preservation Commission (HPC) voted to give final approval of a new construction at 854 Jasper Street. The building, which will be a 2,000 square foot home in the Georgia Cottage style, underwent the first round of the HPC’s conceptual review during their January meeting, when the HPC gave the applicant, Weldon Crook, their opinion of the construction plans. During the final review, the only point of discussion concerned the foundation underlying the front porch. The members of the HPS indicated that they would prefer that the foundation be constructed to give the appearance of brick piers by creating a recessed brick infill between the piers. Crook gave no objection to the HPC’s request before they voted to approve the final plans. The HPC also approved an application from Ken Pritchett to enclose a covered area and construct a fence at 137 Old Post Road. The area to be enclosed will cover two spaces, roughly nine feet by nine feet and nine feet by four feet, at the southeastern corner of the house. Two fences were proposed. One will be roughly 30 feet long and four feet tall, which will run between the house and the side street. The second will by six feet long and five feet tall, and will be used to hide trash cans behind the house. The HPC began inspecting an application for Hallie Duan, who was not present at the meeting, for 1080 Oil Mill Road. The HPC approved of the applicant’s request to transfer a historic window frame from one window opening to another, while installing glazing into the remaining opening. Additionally, they approved of the removal of a non-historic bathroom, as well as a non-historic set of steps. Finally, the HPC dealt with the problem of a an exiting roof, whose height clearance would prevent the applicant from accessing a loading dock with her transport vehicles. The applicant’s solution, in order to keep the existing roof as is, was to create a recessed loading dock by excavating some of the earth leading up to the loading dock. HPC Consultant Ken Kocher stated that, although uncommon, the proposed work-around would be “very reversible” in the future. However, HPC Member Chris McCauley stated that she would be “more inclined to take the roof off” rather than to change the existing hardscape. Since the applicant was not there to answer questions concerning her intentions, the HPC decided to postpone the vote on that aspect of the application until the next month’s meeting.

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