How Sweet

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Valentine’s Day may bear its name because of a Christian martyr that was beaten, beheaded, buried, and later dug up his followers, but, here in the modern world, we show each other our most intimate feelings by gifting chocolate and flowers. Yeah, but I’m sure there are a few people you know that you’d like to give that first treatment to as well. Is that allowed on Valentine’s Day? Anyway, those of us lucky enough to have to think up something romantic on the most made up of all holidays probably end up failing miserably – present – or spending way too much money on a single date. One fellow in Phoenix, Ariz., however, decided that he would put a little original intention back in to the holiday, but still straddled the line well enough to be sweet as well as self-destructive. Joseph Andrew Dekenipp an inmate of one of Phoenix’ jails decided that, despite his incarceration, he would do whatever it took to make it to his date. Dekenipp was jailed in January on suspicion of vehicle theft, trafficking in stolen property, driving on a suspended license, and unlawful flight. Apparently, it became worth it to him to try for one more count of that last charge, when he leapt over two walls crawled through a veritable briar patch of barbed wire to make his way to freedom. Dekenipp made it to the decided location of the date to meet up with his girlfriend, and that’s just where the police found him. The report did not state whether or not he had received his entree before the cops arrived. Unsurprisingly, Dekenipp now has an escape charge to contend with and will have to be treated because of several cuts from the barbed wire. Despite the stupidity of his actions, Dekenipp’s Valentine’s Day dedication puts most of the rest of us so-called romantics to shame. Most of us lament the little damage that the day does to our wallets. How many would put up with actual physical harm? That’s right, guys, try again next year.

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