Law Enforcement

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On February 15 a criminal trespass complaint was filed at a Oak Lane location. According to reports, a man reported that several vehicles had been driving onto his chicken farm and either stopping or slowly driving on the farm before leaving. Reports state that at least four different vehicles have driven onto the farm on various occasions. On one instance, a caretaker for the farm said she blocked one of the vehicles and demanded to know what the driver of the vehicle was doing on the farm. The driver allegedly said he was “doing something that nobody needs to see me doing.” The caretaker said the man appeared impaired by drugs. Descriptions and tag numbers for the vehicles have been given to investigators. On February 15 a stolen or misplaced property complaint was filed at a Hestertown Road location. According to reports, a man stated that someone had stolen a black Smith and Wesson .38 caliber Smith and Wesson pistol from the back seat of his truck while the man was in Pigeon Forge, Tenn. On February 15 a computer forgery complaint was filed at a Bethany Road location. According to reports, a man stated that someone from California had hacked his Verizon phone account and changed the password to the account. The man said he immediately called Verizon and was told that someone was attempting to purchase phones and add new phone lines on the account. The complainant said he changed his password but while he was on the phone with Verizon someone had changed his password a second time. The man said the account representative put a lock on his account. On February 15 a vicious animal complaint was filed at a Mallard Court location. According to a report, a woman stated that her neighbor’s Rotweiler had charged her in an aggressive manner. The woman said she had videotaped the incident and showed the tape to the deputy. The woman said her husband had reported the dog in the past and that she wanted to file another report in case she felt compelled to protect herself and her 2-year-old child. On February 14 a simple battery complaint was filed at a Mergendollar Road, Good Hope, location. According to reports, a woman stated that a neighbor had struck her 14-year-old son with a stick. According to reports, the son said he and two other teens were walking on the road when the woman confronted them and accused them of damaging her residence. The teen said the woman struck him with the stick. A deputy spoke to the woman and she told the deputy that she believed the teens had broken windows in a vehicle parked in her yard. Reports state that the woman also said something regarding toilet paper and Tupperware but that the deputy could not clearly follow her statement. On February 14 a driving away without paying for gasoline complaint was filed at Fairplay Grocery, Fairplay Road. According to reports, a woman stated that a white male in a newer white extended cab pickup truck pulled up to a gas pump and began pumping gas. The woman said the man, described as 5’10”, skinny, wearing a navy blue shirt and a ball cap, pumped $83.01 worth of gas and then drove off on Prospect Road toward Walton County without paying for the gas. On February 13 Amy Marie Thompson, 32, Madison, was arrested and charged with simple battery and cruelty toward children. According to reports, she allegedly forced entry into a Aqua Road residence and engaged in a physical confrontation with a man in front of a 12-year-old and 8-year-old child. Reports state that she also stabbed the man with a piece of wood. When deputies arrived at the residence they observed the man holding Thompson to the ground. During the altercation the man told officers he directed the 12-year-old to call 911 while he held Thompson to the ground.

On February 7 David Shane Ward, Jr., 21, Monticello, was arrested and charged with possession of marijuana. According to reports, a Madison Police Department officer was notified by a Morgan County Sheriff’s Office deputy that he had observed what he believed to be a drug transaction made in the parking lot of O’Reilly’s Auto Parts store, Eatonton Road. Reports state that Ward allegedly exited a vehicle when he saw law enforcement vehicles and entered the store. Later, Ward was stopped by a Morgan County deputy for lack of vehicle registration plate. Consequent to the stop and a search of the vehicle an officer located a small plastic bag of suspected marijuana in a fuel pump part box. On February 8 John Wells Hilsman, 17, Madison, was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct. According to reports, officers were dispatched to a fight in progress call at the Ingles gas pump area, Eatonton Road. When they arrived they observed a grey pickup truck quickly leaving the scene. The truck was stopped and the front passenger, Hilsman , was observed with a large amount of blood on his face. Hilsman told the officer that a man at the pumps had attacked him. He said he did not know the identity of the man. Two men approached the officer at the scene. One of the men told the officer that he had been sitting in a vehicle at the pump and Hilsman had attacked him. The man said he fought back and Hilsman fled. The man said he and Hilsman had been in a lengthy dispute regarding a criminal incident. Hilsman later told the officer that he did, in fact, know the man with whom he had fought. He was then arrested as the primary aggressor in the incident. On February 15 Wilbur Young, 67, Madison, was arrested and charged with simple battery and hindering a 911 call. According to reports, an officer responded to a complaint at a Bramblewood Road residence. Reports state that a woman alleged that after she and Young engaged in a verbal argument on the porch, Young followed her into the residence and took a phone from her while she was trying to call her daughter. The woman alleged that Young beat her on the head and shoulder with the phone.

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